What’s So Wrong With Being a Geek Kid?

Becoming the parent of a geek has been a fun adventure over the past few years. Back when I was growing up, being considered a geek was kind of an insult. Today, it doesn’t quite mean the same thing. People are proud to be geeks, and geek culture has become mainstream – a Golden Age for Geeks. For me, it has been so much fun to introduce my little geeklings to a variety of fandoms, icons, experiments, and people. They are thriving in all that is geeky. Unfortunately, there are still people out there that see being geek as a negative.DSC_0531 (2)

A few months back, someone close to my family implied that my daughter was not well-balanced due to her choice to cosplay and her love of geeky things. This angered me. Why was my daughter’s choice to embrace a highly creative community so wrong?

This individual felt that cosplay was just too nerdy and weird for a normal person. There was a time when I looked at cosplay in a similar fashion. Then I began speaking to cosplayers. Once a person talks to those that take it seriously, the realization that it is similar to any other hobby quickly sets in. There are so many amazingly talented cosplayers that are incredibly skilled, artistic, and smart. You may not like my daughter’s or any other cosplayer’s hobby, but it doesn’t make them any less well-rounded or cultured.

Most cosplayers have other pursuits besides cosplay. Some of their interests intersect and compliment cosplaying well, and other interests couldn’t be more different. In the case of my 10 year-old daughter, she not only cosplays, but is also a black belt, an Irish Dancer, and has won the Science Fair three times. How much more well-rounded can she be
at 10!?

So it begs the question, why is it okay to get dressed up and hit up Halloween parties or become immersed in a theater production and become the character, but the moment a bunch of fans get dressed up and go to conventions (code for huge costume party and theater production rolled into one) they are eccentric and their behavior considered odd?

Geeks are some of the most passionate DSC_0520 (2)people out there. Their passion is no different than that of a sports fan. People should embrace geeks and not look down on their differences. Why is it that the moment someone is passionate about something intellectual, technical, or outside the norm they are called a geek or a nerd? In my opinion, people should have their passions supported, no matter if they are of a geeky nature or sports, as you never know where their passions will take them

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