Hero Up Your Holiday

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I love the holidays! I love books! I love holiday books!

I’m such a book geek. Traditional holiday stories are my go to books this time of year. The Polar Express is my all time favorite. My little geeklings enjoy all the books about Santa, Christmas trees, and gifts that I’m reading, but they really would rather hear about superheroes. So I’m always on the look out for books with their favorite characters. Below are  three children’s books that have some of the most iconic comic characters on a mission to keep the magic and cheer in the holidays.

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First, is a book my son received a few years back – Marvel Superhero Squad: King of the North Pole. It is about Loki deciding he is going to take over the North Pole, which puts Christmas in jeopardy. When Spider-Man finds out, he heads to the North Pole with a few of his friends to save Santa and Christmas. It is a fun adventure that is made for emerging readers or younger kids with short attention spans. My son has had me read it almost every night since the beginning of the month. Those looking to get their hands on this frosty adventure right now, the best place to find this book is the local library. There are limited copies available from outside vendors on Amazon, but nothing that is truly guaranteed for Christmas.


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Next is the book he received this year to start the season, Happy Holidays! From: The Avengers. It has his favorite character, Iron Man! That alone makes this story awesome to him, but it also has the bonus of having a read-aloud CD voiced by none other than Stan Lee. As the CD played, he kept yelling, “It’s Stan Lee! It’s Stan Lee!”

This festive book tells the story of the Avengers’ attempt at enjoying the winter holiday. There are mishaps, sadness, and things lost, but everything rights itself when when a visitor with a big, red bag arrives. This holiday tale is not as comical as the first book, yet still entertaining for young readers. My 5 year old and 10 year old both loved reading it. For those interested in picking this one up, it can be found on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Super Friends Save Christmas

Finally, there is a book for DC fans –  DC Super Friends: The Super Friends Save Christmas .  This picture book is not only super cool because it has Superman, Batman, Flash, and Santa all in one story. It gets even better as it is a 2-in-1 book. Flip the book over and read Race to the North Pole. Also, there are stickers included. These two stories are comedic and lighthearted. Perfect for younger fans. It can be also be found on Amazon.

I hope that more seasonal geek children’s books come out. Star Wars would be fun, or some of the female comic characters would be great too. Though for now, these holiday tales are sure to make the youngest superhero fan smile.


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