The 5 Minute Star Wars Stories: A Book Little Fans Will Love

A few weeks back as I was surfing Amazon, I came across a book that I knew immediately my kids needed. From the screen, I saw characters that my children had come to love from movies and commercials staring back at me. It was the 5-Minute Star Wars Stories book by Disney Lucasfilm Press.DSC_0199 (2)

I saw that it was being released in a few days; so I quickly pre-ordered it and hoped that it would be all that I was envisioning it would be. The book arrived Christmas Eve and I didn’t want it overshadowed by the hoopla of Christmas, so I waited a few days to give it to them. Totally worth the wait. My kids love the book! My 5 year old wants me to continually read it to him and the 10 year old loves reading it to the younger one. The book is everything I was hoping it would be.

DSC_0206 (2)The 5-Minute Star Wars Stories is a must-have for young fans. This book has compiled 11 stories which cover all 7 episodes. Episodes 1, 2, and 3 each have one story. Then, episodes 4 through 7 each have two stories. Fun illustrations of iconic scenes from the movies help bring each short story to life. Even some of the dialogue is direct from the movies, as well. My children and I have loved every minute of reading these stories together.

DSC_0204 (2)Just one thing to note. This book seems like it may be simple enough for young kids to read but it really isn’t. The illustrations are identical to some basic learning to read Star Wars books that are also published by Disney Lucasfilm Press, which may lead some to confuse the books. This compilation book has wording that kids age seven and under may find difficult if they were to try reading it alone. It is a perfect read aloud though.

Finally, the publishers priced this book just right. It is priced for $12.99, but I found it for $8.20 on Amazon and $8.36 on Barnes and Noble. This book is a great addition to any kid’s bookshelf. Happy Reading, everyone!

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