A Super Room for a Super Kid

DSC_0243 (2)

My kids make life incredibly interesting with their love of so many geeky things. Throughout the day, geek topics are often what dominate the conversations in my house. There is no denying that my family is a geek family and that my kids are geeks. I love that my children are so passionate about super heroes, science, Star Wars, and much, much more. So a few years back when it came time to create a big boy bedroom for my son, I wanted it to reflect his interests, while still being something that he wouldn’t outgrow in just a few years. I decided to do Marvel super heroes, but not the movie versions of the characters, the classic comic book versions.

As comic book characters have had a resurgence of interest over theDSC_0253 (2) few past years, home decor items have become easier to come by. Though when I began decorating W’s room, items to hang on the wall and bed linens were hard to come by. Luckily the Internet can be a wonderful thing for a mom on a decorating mission. Etsy was one of the first places I looked. Crafty geeks can be found all over the site. One of my favorite pieces in my son’s room is a custom “W” that is covered in old Marvel Avenger comics created by Green Door Toys. That piece became the item that I based
the rest of the room on.

I was so iDSC_0247 (2)n love with the old comic look and was looking everywhere for items. Next, I found three tin signs at our state fair. My husband and I chose W’s favorite characters to hang above his bed. Metal signs like these were hard to come by at the time, but now can be found at Hobby Lobby and other places that sell home decor.
DSC_0248 (2)

After the signs,DSC_0245 (2) I still needed to find something for the wall between the window and the closet and linens for his bed. The Internet
again was my helper when I found the DSC_0252 (2)Iron Man comic cover poster and his classic comic bedspread set. There are no words for how excited I was when I found W’s bedspread. I didn’t think with all the Avenger movie bedding at the stores that I would find such a perfect bedspread. I may have cried when it arrived. The
bedding has classic characters in their original forms. It is a perfect piece to set off the rest of the items adorning his walls.

The fiDSC_0254 (2)nal old-style pieces I added were purchased in the past year. I picked up his metal Iron Man in flight and the Iron Man light switch cover at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby currently has an entire aisle dedicated to super hero decor. If I was beginning to decorate W’s room today, I would stop there first. Great focal pieces to build the room around.

The final part of W’s room I wanted to incorporate was a dress up areaDSC_0241 (2). Dress up is not just for girls. Boys love to get in costume and pretend just as much. W had so many super hero masks and capes, they had to go somewhere. I decided to make them part of the room’s decoration. Right near his door was a perfect short wall for a set of hooks that I picked up at Target. I hung it low enough that he could reach everything. I even hung his Captain America shield right above the hooks for easy access, as well as a decoration. W, L, and their friends love having super hero gear at the ready for when it is time to hero up.

I’m so happy with how W’s room turned out. He loves it. His sister loves. My husband loves it. It fits our family’s comic passion perfectly. I would encourage anyone thinking about creating a fun space for their child to first find one item that is the inspiration for the room and go from there. I have a habit of finding and liking so many things that when I start to decorate I find it hard to make everything work. Choosing one item to work from was one of the best decisions I made. Also, take your time when constructing the space. The wait can be worth it.


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