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STEM Entertainment: Doktor Kaboom! is Out to Inspire the Next Generation of Scientists

For more than 20 years, when people think of science entertainment, they think of Bill Nye the Science Guy. He has shown a generation of children how fun science can be and inspired many to explore STEM fields. Science education has benefited from his videos. His form of educational entertainment has created a path for new STEM entertainers to follow. Enter Doktor Kaboom! and his amazing traveling live science comedy performances. He is taking STEM entertainment to a new level and audiences are loving it.


Recently as I left a Doktor Kaboom! show with my family, I began to think about all the super excited children around me. These kids were excited for science. They were about as eager to meet Doktor Kaboom at the end of the show as they were to meet Santa Claus. That is high praise from a parent’s perspective. With all that said, one realizes how impressive it really is to get a couple hundred kids jumping up and down screaming excited about science. It doesn’t happen very often that a kid walks out of science class truly pumped about science.


Doktor Kaboom’s show is packed with humor and exciting experiments that engage the audience from start to finish. Throughout the show he interacts with audience members and occasionally brings children on stage to assist him. Each lucky kid that made it on stage smiled from the moment they shook Doktor Kaboom’s hand until they sat back in their seat. Some of the participants added yet another level of humor to the show, as you never know what is going to come out of a child’s mouth. It was evident that the audience loved the show from the continual laughter, cheering, and yelling of responses to Doktor Kaboom’s questions. My little cousin grabbed my daughter midway through the show and started shaking her while yelling, “This is the most epic thing ever!” He also screamed, “This is amazing!” As a parent, it was fantastic to see my kids and all these other kids, ranging from preschoolers to teenagers, so pumped about and engaged in STEM.


So in this day and age where kids are bombarded with various forms of electronic entertainment every day, opportunities to get them out and involved in learning, without them acting like you are asking them to clean their room, are in high demand.   Taking in a Doktor Kaboom! Science Comedy Show is perfect for families and all age groups to get out and have a great time all while learning a little something. Currently Doktor Kaboom has shows booked across the US and Canada through May. In the past, he performed overseas, where international audiences were able to enjoy his unique show; so he may add international dates later in 2016. To learn more about Doktor Kaboom! and his upcoming shows, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and his website. You never know who he’ll inspire next to follow the STEM path.

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