Geeking Out! Releases

Geeking Out!: Releases & Events for February 8th-14th

As a mom to two geeklings, wife to a geek, and a lover of pop culture, I try to keep up with as many new and fun things that come out each week that I can. Some weeks bring just a few new things and other weeks it is like hitting the mother lode. Below are some of the exciting releases and events this week.


  • Glass Sword By Victoria Aveyard – The highly anticipated 2nd book in the Red Queen Series. This fantasy series is better suited for teen and young adult readers.
  • Where Futures End By Parker Peevyhouse – A science fiction tale for readers 12-17 years old.
  • Morning Star By Pierce Brown – The 3rd and final book in the Red Rising Triology. It can be found in the young adult section.
  • Reign of Shadows By Sophie Jordan – This teen fantasy/romance novel is book 1 of a new series.
  • Fridays With the Wizards By Jessica Day George – This is book 4 in the the Tuesdays at the Castle series and is best for readers 8-12 years old.
  • If I Had a Gryphon By Vikki VanSickle – A children’s book, best for 3-7 year olds, that takes readers on a journey to decide if mythological creatures make good pets or not.



  • Deadpool  – This was is rated R for a reason. It is probably best for the adults. I’ll know better once I see it this weekend.

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