Star Wars Valentine’s Day Boxes for Your Little Geekling

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and classrooms everywhere are preparing to celebrate with fun, heart-filled parties this Friday. Now cue my daughter informing me last night, as she is preparing to go to bed, that her class is having a Valentine’s box contest on Friday. Oh, and she wants a Star Wars themed box to go with her hand-made Yoda Valentine’s. That is the moment I enter panic mode. As she slumbers, I begin searching Google for inspiration.

With Star Wars being so popular this year, I found plenty of examples to get ideas from. Many samples I found didn’t have links to instructions; so most are just pictures from which to draw inspiration. Below are several Star Wars card box ideas for all you parents out there that may have children like mine who tell you kind of last minute.

R2D2 Box Ideas

Found this one on The Happiness of an Absent Mind. I just love this R2D2 container with its spring hearts. It requires a bit more parental assistance but is so cute.

R2D2 Heart Container

This R2D2 is constructed from recyclable materials and step by step instructions can be found here:


R2D2 Valentines Container

If you want more of a box and less of a container, this R2D2 from Split Coast Stampers is made from what looks like a cereal box and paper cut outs.

R2D2 Valentines box

R2D2 n Bobba Fett boxes

Ewok Box Idea

Ewok Valentines Day box

Yoda Box Idea

Yoda n Vader boxes

Darth Vader Box Ideas

This front slot Darth Vader can be found on Foster2Forever.


Stormtrooper Box Idea

StormTrooper Valentines box

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