The Force is Strong this Valentine’s Day!

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It is the middle of February and we all know what that means – Deadpool is out and The Walking Dead is back! Well for me at least, but for my little geeklings it means the school Valentine’s Day party is almost here. Most years we just buy character cards from the store, but this year my daughter decided to get creative. She decided to make her own. Also, her teacher added a Valentine’s Day card box contest to the mix. Put these two together and it provides the perfect opportunity to get creative geek-style.

My daughter has become quite the Star Wars fan over the past few months. She absolutely loves it. A few weeks back she saw a DIY Yoda Valentine bookmark on Geek & Sundry, and knew that was what she wanted to do for her cards. Yoda is her favorite character, so it made sense why she chose it. The DIY instructions were perfect for making a few bookmarks, but she wanted to make 30. To save time cutting each piece individually, I used my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to cut multiple pieces more quickly. I created my own Yoda face template using the Silhouette software versus using Geek & Sundry’s Yoda template just for time purposes. I really liked theirs as well, and may use it in the future. I also cut the other three pieces needed with the machine.


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When selecting cardstock for the bookmarks, we stuck with similar colors to the example. Then to give the whole valentine an outer space look, we used sparkly black cardstock to make the sleeves that the bookmarks went into. The Valentine’s Day messages were Yoda inspired as well. Geek & Sundry provided a printable for the “Valentine, Yoda Best!” phrase. Then we made another message as my daughter wanted to add the phrase “Valentine, Yoda One for Me!” to some. Using a mix of hot glue and regular white glue, she assembled each and everyone. In the end she had two versions of the Yoda bookmarks to give. She was thrilled with how they all turned out.

I thought this was going to be the end of our Star Wars Valentine’s Day crafting, but then three nights before her class holiday party, my daughter informed us the teacher just announced a card box contest. In life they say go big or go home, so my child went big. Enter the AT-AT project.

Google searches are so amazing some days and others they make you ask what did you just get yourself into. This time it was a mix of both. My ambitious daughter found a tutorial on how to make an AT-AT out of diaper boxes on OffBeat Home & Life. At this point, we had two evenings, with little time, to complete this awesome project. Never underestimate a child’s determination when it is something they love.

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Night one was build night. My daughter, with some assistance from her dad, cut all the cardboard needed and used clear packing tape to create each shape required. Next they put all the shapes together to construct the body of the At-AT. This part of the build had a hidden educational bonus. It made my daughter use math skills that she doesn’t use much in school. Overall, it took about an hour and a half to do this portion of the project.

The next night was the paint and design night. To make the AT-AT gray, she used two coats of spray primmer instead of paint. It was better at covering all the designs on the boxes. Next she got a bit creative making the details. Since it was a Valentine’s Day box, she added hearts to various parts of the box. Night two work took about two hours to finish. In the end, she was so proud of what she made. Also, her dad and I couldn’t be prouder of her hard work and dedication. Whether she wins the classroom contest or not, she is a winner in our book. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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