Geek Parent

My Road to Being a Geek Mom

Eleven years ago my life changed when a spirited, little girl entered my life and made me a mom. From the beginning, my husband and I wanted to help her become as balanced as possible – not too girly, variety of interests, and strong. As new parents, we fumbled through the first year as we tried to figure this whole parenting thing out. Coming from an education background, I was all about reading, learning activities, teaching her sign language, and hitting milestones. My husband, the engineer and video gamer, was all about fun. We somewhat found a balance in our parenting styles and our little girl survived her first year with us newbies.


As our daughter grew, she became everything that we had hoped for her to become. She was inquisitive, outgoing, adventuresome, and quick-witted. We took her on more outings and trips than probably many toddler parents, but she truly was so well-behaved and adventurous that we wanted to give her as many experiences as we could. Watching her learn and explore was amazing. At home, she was more of fantasy kind of girl. Tinkerbell and fairies were all over her room, along with a bookshelf filled with stories about girls that were on adventures of their own. She lived in her own little imaginative world that we got the joy of being a part of. We loved our time with her so much that we kind of lost track of time and didn’t add to our family until she was five.


Around this time is when geek was added to my mom title. While I was pregnant with our son, my husband received The Marvel Encyclopedia as a gift. He really enjoyed it, and her being the inquisitive, daddy’s girl wanted to see what daddy was so into. Here began her love of comic books. I always envisioned her loving the books I loved and being a book nerd like me. Though I should have known better, as my daughter is a spitting image of her father, so why not have the same interests as him.


She was enthralled by the pictures and the character descriptions. Her time spent on dad’s lap learning about characters also helped her learn to read. There were continuous questions about the words in the book and eventually she began reading parts of the book herself. She went from getting excited by fairies and children’s book characters to gravitating to all things Marvel. It also increased my husband’s interest in comics. Enter the brother.


When her brother arrived, she was super excited to be the best sister and helper ever. She wanted to share everything she loved with her new baby brother, including her new found love of Marvel characters. As he loved his sister more than anyone and everything she loved, he naturally latched onto Marvel characters as well. Some of his first words were superhero names. How he said Wolverine was my favorite. It was also was the beginning of his obsession with all things Iron Man. At this point I realized, I was mom to a bunch of comic geeks for the long haul.

Over the past few years, my children’s geek level has only risen. My daughter got past snubbing DC Comic characters and now is a huge fan of both Marvel and DC. She also has become quite the budding scientist. Winning her category at the Science Fair three years in a row. My son has followed his sister’s lead and become a pretty good, little comic artist for a 5 year-old. Also, both kids have discovered the joy of cosplay. I’m more of a book, movie, and theater geek, but comic conventions with all the art, movies, and comic elements have given us a common ground where we can enjoy our interests together as a family. Now we spend part of every year prepping costumes to wear to comic conventions. My house now seems like it is always over taken by some geek driven project or another.  Though I would have never imagined this is what my life would be like 11 years ago, I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. My children have grown to have a variety of fun interests and a loving bond with their family, as a parent I couldn’t ask for more. May their geek flag continue to fly proudly!

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