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Marvel Universe LIVE!:The Show for Fans Young and Young at Heart to See.


My house is filled with superhero loving people and we have several superhero fan friends. So when Marvel Universe LIVE! came to our area, we knew the whole group had to go. None us had a clue as to what to expect from the show. All we knew is that it had many of the Marvel characters we love and that it was full of action; which was enough for us to want to go.


As the day of the show approached, the entire group became more and more excited. We decided to wear Marvel clothing or costumes, similar to as if we were going to a sporting event. Our way of showing our fan pride. Then the day arrived. With our Marvel gear on and tickets in hand, we headed to the show.

Once we arrived at the arena, we saw a wave of others wearing costumes and character themed clothing walking towards the building. This was it! What we all had been waiting over two months to see. As we entered the building, we were immediately meet by multiple souvenir booths selling everything from programs to light-up toys to shirts. The children were happy to tell us everything they wanted and to help us spend money. We let them each choose an item and then picked up a set of comic books that went along with the night’s performance. After we made our way past the souvenirs, we found a great first photo op with the character flag banners displayed in the lobby. The kids enjoyed getting pictures by each of the flags.

After hanging out in the entrance for a bit, we headed toward our seats. As we walked down the hallway we found more souvenir stands, a special photo op for purchase, and superhero face painting. Since our kids had masks on, we chose not to do the face painting but couldn’t pass up the hero photo with accompanying Avenger character frame. The kids’ photo turned out so great that we did a photo with just the adults. With so many extras offered, we were all glad that we arrived an hour before showtime.

Finally we found our seats and settled in. Soon the performance began and we were in awe. The show followed the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D members, and Spider-Man as they faced a variety of Marvel villains attempting to further their evil plots. Each moment was action packed with stunts, acrobatics, or fight sequences. The show’s use of projectors and photos was amazing. The multiple sets were phenomenal. Each of the five kids were on the edge of their seats and at times bouncing with excitement.

This show not only was entertaining for the little fans but for us adults as well. The performers were spot on and talented. The stunts and explosions were fantastic. There was non-stop action throughout. The show was approximately two hours long with an intermission halfway through. All of the adults got so into the show that during the intermission we started trying out our kids’ hero masks. We all enjoyed the performance. It was much more than any of us expected.  A few of the highlights for us were the variety of characters, the number of female characters, the quality of the stunts, and the story’s ability to entertain children as young as five up to adults.

Every single one us would highly recommend Marvel Universe LIVE! to other fans. It was worth every penny we spent.

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