Geek Parent

25 Signs That Your Family May Be a Geek Family

I’m a geek. Many of my friends and family are geeks. Though we aren’t all geeks for the same reason. Through the years, the definition of geek has changed and evolved.  Today the most popular definition of geek is “a person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity.”

As the definition has become broader, more people can now be considered geeks. It all has to do with where a person’s passion lies – band, art, books, comics, science, engineering, and the list goes on. My friends and I started talking about what may make a family a geek family, and an entertaining conversation turned into this list. How many of these apply to your family? Does your house fly the geek flag? Check out the list and see!

You may be a geek family…

  1. If your kitchen table seems to continually look as if it belongs in a scientist’s, engineer’s, or seamstress’ workshop.
  2. If your book collection can no longer be contained on bookshelves in one room and now reside in every room in your house.
  3. If your house has begun to look like a shrine to a particular fandom.
  4. If you use your china hutch to display POP! vinyl figures instead of china.
  5. If you have more fandom artwork up than actual pictures.
  6. If your house has multiple fandoms on display but they all have their own space and never mix.
  7. If a family member moves out of the house and their room becomes your personal library.
  8. If you have themed rooms (ie – music room, art room, video game room).
  9. If you have more cosplay items for yourself than your kids have Halloween costumes.
  10. If you know what it means to celebrate “May the Fourth Be With You” and “Revenge of the Fifth” and are excited to celebrate them.
  11. If your family has an Amazon Wish List just for comic con items.
  12. If you have a Pinterest board for all things cosplay.
  13. If when you talk about Civil War, people are confused why you keep talking about Iron Man.
  14. If you and your family get dressed in costumes or themed clothing to see a movie.
  15. If you and your family know who Stan Lee is and why he is important to pop culture.
  16. If you treat a movie’s or book’s release like it is baseball’s opening day.
  17. If your children know all the superheroes and their backstories, but may not know all 50 states.
  18. If your family references things with movie or book trivia and quotes.
  19. If people think you are using made up words when talking to your child or friends about their favorite fandom.
  20. If your family car is themed.
  21. If you name your child or pet after a favorite book character or superhero.
  22. If your family owns more clothing dedicated to your favorite fandoms or areas of interest, than “regular” clothing.
  23. If action figures and stuffed toys are collectibles and not for your kids.
  24. If comic conventions, band trips, concert halls, and science museums are your family’s vacations each year.
  25. If your holiday decorations reflect your favorite fandoms, music, books, or science.

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