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Hero Up with Marvel Mega Minis at Build-a-Bear

New BAB Marvel Minis

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in just a few short weeks, and fans’ excitement is reaching an all-time high. Promotional ads and merchandise can be found everywhere you look. So the fact that Build-a-Bear Workshop has introduced a line of character bears from the Marvel Universe is not surprising, but no less exciting. As my little geeklings are huge Marvel fans, we made a weekend visit to see what these new mini bears were all about.

Marvel BAB Minis

When we walked into the store, I didn’t even need to ask where the new bears were as my children bee-lined for the displayed. Before us were eight adorable, 8-inch Marvel Mega Mini bears. Five of the bears being featured are in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie – Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Falcon, and Spider-Man. The other three bears are fan favorites from the Marvel Universe – Thor, Hulk, and Miles Morales.

Each bears’ costume is nicely detailed and sewn on to the bear itself, so it is not able to be customized . Another detail is that images of each of their comic book characters on their foot. A final fun touch with these bears are that each one comes with their own mini box house similar to the boxes used for the larger bears.

These Marvel plushes are perfect if picking up for a gift or just looking for a quick visit to Build-a-Bear, but the fact that they are pre-stuffed takes away from part of the experience. The bears are designed in such a way that, in my opinion, they could have been stuffed on-site. Being able to place a heart in a BAB stuffy is one of most kids favorite parts of the visit. Knowing this, I wish there would have been an option to stuff the bears in the workshop. The other downside of this line is that there was only one female character to choose from. My daughter loves Black Widow, so she was happy to pick her up, but she mentioned that she wished they would have had Scarlet Witch or Ms. Marvel too.

Visit to BAB for minis

Overall, my family loves the Marvel Mega Minis. At $15 a bear, I found the price right for what we got. Even though the kids were not able to stuff the bears themselves and only one female character was available, both geeklings were still excited to brush their new friends, place them into their own small boxes, and take them home. These plushes, in their ready to go form, are perfect for a birthday or baby shower gift. With Marvel’s popularity and the bears’ price point, I see these going fast.

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