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Level Up Your “May the 4th Be With You” Day

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In this go, go world, it is fun every once in awhile to celebrate special moments like birthdays and graduations. Sometimes there are even opportunities to celebrate something you are passionate about.

Over the years, May 4th has become “May the Fourth Be With You” Day and May 5th has become “Revenge of the Fifth”. I call these two days the perfect time to let your geek flag fly and embrace your passion for all things Star Wars.

When planning your May 4th day, searching the Internet may be a bit overwhelming. The web is full of mind-blowing ideas. So many recipes, pictures, and activities that one almost doesn’t know where to begin.

Red 5 Mom, The Star Wars Mom, and May the Fourth Be With You Party Blog are creative Star Wars blogs that are great places to start when planning a galactic celebration. They always have tasty food ideas and interesting crafts. On the other hand, Pinterest and Google are a double-edge sword. They can be helpful while at the same time being mind-boggling. Sometimes there can be such a thing as too much of good thing.

Below I’ve compiled some of my favorite Star Wars ideas from the web and separated them into three levels. Level 1 consists of ideas that are quick and simple. Level 2 ideas require a little more planning and prep. Level 3 ideas are for an all out celebration of the Star Wars.

Level 1 – Padawan


Simple, quick, fun craft to do with kids.

DSC_0875 (2)


Celebrate with no prep with these Star Wars-themed snacks.


  • Honey Maid Star Wars Graham Cracker Snacks
  • Star Wars Fruit Snacks

Time to wear that favorite character shirt.


Use crafts as decor.


  • Level up the fun factor with these lightsaber napkins by May the Fourth Be With You Party Blog.


Level 2 – Jedi Knight


This project requires a bit more prep but when finished can add to the decor and fun.

DSC_0865 (2)

Lightsaber Ice Pop Sleeves  by Pretty Providence


Get your geeklings involved in constructing these out of this world meals.



  • Death Star Pizza – Use a plain cheese pizza from the store to start with. Then add ham or pepperoni slices cut to the shapes needed. Finally, add shredded cheddar cheese between the bottom two sections and bake.

Move beyond just a graphic shirt and upgrade your geek fashion with these suggestions.

Star Wars Her Universe Hot Topic Line

Level 3 – Jedi Master


Another cosmic craft that doubles as a party decoration.


These tasty eats are going to take some time, but are perfect for a Level 3 celebration.

Star wars bb8 cake



Costumes aren’t just for Halloween and Comic Con.

  • Full costume


Pre-Planned Day

Looking for an already prepared plan for the day? Check out Red 5 Mom’s step-by-step plan to celebrate May 4th in Star Wars’ style.



4 thoughts on “Level Up Your “May the 4th Be With You” Day

  1. You have given me more ideas! I am so excited for tomorrow to celebrate our star wars day!! I am putting my phone away, leaving the computer alone, and focusing on just my girl! We need it! I am not working on school work either! (I got my essay done :)) Star Wars, food, crafts, and dress up!! I also bought the Rey Cardigan from Hot Topic and it just came in yesterday!! I love it!!! Stop by and share some posts at #HomeMattersParty I am co-hosting a link party for the month of May. I am so happy I connected with you and Red 5 Mom!

    Liked by 1 person

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