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6 Tricks to Make Creative Geek Food in No Time


In the past few years with the rise of Pinterest, creative food has become increasingly popular. Some food art is beyond amazing and not easily doable by most people. Then there are some that are perfect to make meal time a fun family experience.

Growing up my mom themed my brother and my food whenever there was a special occasion. She used food coloring a lot. When I met my now mother-in-law, she told me about her smiley face and Mickey Mouse head pancakes she made. These two women, along with Google and Pinterest, inspired me to get creative with food and to make even the most average day a little bit special.


Now I have friends and family saying they wish they could be at my house or that they could do what I do. Though here is the crazy thing, anyone can do what I do. There are short-cuts and “cheats” that can take an everyday meal to another level.

Besides adding a little pizzazz to eating, creating fun eats can be a fantastic time to bond as a family and encourage your geekling’s imagination. One of my favorite parts is seeing my kids get so excited about being in the kitchen and working together. Also, creative food is edible art, so it is like killing two birds with one stone – the kids are fed and they made a project. Win-Win right there!

Below are just a few of the little tricks you can use to upgrade your meal time.

1. Give it a name.

My friends at The Star Wars Mom and Red 5 Mom have a knack at looking at everyday meals and tying it to a fandom. With a bit of imagination and a simple printable sign, the food becomes something so much more. Their sites are great places to gain meal time inspiration.

2. Use a blank canvas.

Pancakes, tortilla shells, refrigerator biscuits, plain cheese pizza, and sugar cookies are perfect bases when constructing artistic food. They can all be easily cut and molded into various shapes. Also, pancake and sugar cookie batter can easily be colored if needed.


3. Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies.

Some shapes need more precise cuts than others and this is where cookie cutters are a perfect “hack”. They can be used to make fun shapes in tortillas, pancakes, or cookies.

4. Food coloring is your friend.

Adding color to cream cheese, frosting, or batter creates food’s equivalent to paint. Once mixed, these can easily be used to generate a memorable and tasty eat.

5. Get creative with color!

Food coloring isn’t your only friend. Candy, fruit, vegetables, cheese slices, chocolate chips, marshmallows, meats, and many other foods can be used to add color to your edible masterpieces. There are so many options to choose from depending on which flavor you are looking for – sweet, savory, or salty.

6. Copying is the biggest form of flattery.

Not every creation needs to be an original idea. Sometimes developing a unique idea can be more pressure than one is looking for and dissuade someone from attempting creative food. Forget about it! Just have fun and go for it.

Good luck and have fun getting artsy with food!

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