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5 Reasons Why Your Child May Not Like Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War Group poster

A week has gone by and the crowds are smaller; so you may be thinking about taking your family to see Captain America: Civil War this weekend. It is a fantastic film. In my opinion one of Marvel’s best.

With that said, many of the parts that make it one of the best, make it not the best for viewers under 8. It is rated PG-13, so saying it may not be appropriate for children under 8 may seem a bit redundant, but ratings are just guidelines. Parents know their own kids and what their limits are.

My daughter has been watching Marvel films since she was 6, but she lives and breathes comics and has always been more mature for her age. Now her brother is a different story. He is now 6 and he just doesn’t have the patience or maturity to watch the films. Each child is different.

After seeing the film, I began to realize that this one was different from the rest. That unlike the previous superhero flicks, this one may not entertain as wide of an audience as before. After discussing the movie with my 11 year-old daughter, we both agreed that there are some aspects of Civil War that may make it not as fun for younger fans.

Below is our compiled list of 5 things to consider before seeing Civil War with your young geekling.

1. It is long.

2 hours and 27 minutes is a long time for a younger viewer to sit without getting up for a potty break or just to stretch their busy little bodies.

2. Watching their favorite heroes fight each other might get some young ones emotional.

It is one thing when viewers watch their favorite heroes battle the “bad guys,” but to watch friends beat each other bloody, can be hard to watch for children that have an attachment to certain characters. It may be difficult and confusing for younger kids to understand why the “good guys” are hurting each other.

3. The Political Undertones

Many action films have defined bad guys, who do something evil, and then the heroes come in a save the day. Captain America: Civil War is not that cut and dry. The world’s political tensions and fears drive this movie. Explaining the political aspects of this film to kids can be tricky. Also, the sections of the film where characters are debating political actions, can be perceived as boring to young ones and they may tune out and begin bugging others they are with.

4. This movie is more realistic than those before it.

Unlike previous Marvel films, this one doesn’t have too many mind-bending science experiments, freaky aliens, murderous robots, or magical beings. Captain America: Civil War sticks mostly to good, old explosions and hand to hand combat. Most of the movie visually looks like it was ripped from the cable news programs. Its realism could be a problem for immature viewers who struggle to separate fact from fiction.

5. Death of Loved Ones

It is always difficult for a child to watch someone’s death on-screen. Parts of this film focus on the death of loved ones. The feelings brought up in younger kids, could be a lot emotionally for them to take in and process.


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