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Avengers Assemble This Summer at Lowe’s Build & Grow Kid Workshops


Looking for something fun to do this summer with your geekling? Then look no further than your local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.



Throughout the year, Lowe’s offers free Build and Grow Building Workshops for kids and this summer their build series is based on Marvel Avengers: Ultron Revolution cartoon series. Coming off of the hype of Captain America: Civil War, what a great focus for these workshops to have to draw in new little builders that love Captain America and Iron Man. This summer’s build series will include six Marvel workshops. During each workshop, children will construct a different Avenger character – Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Falcon. For those that build all six characters, they will be able to connect each figure’s base to form one large display.

2016-06-11 13.00.30

The first workshop was held on June 11th. As each child arrived, he or she was handed a pair of safety goggles, a project kit, apron, and hammer. Each kit included all the project pieces, nails, directions which included a short comic, and an iron-on patch. After collecting all supplies, parents and their young builders could then find a spot to set-up within the event area.

2016-06-11 14.50.47

The step-by-step directions were a combination of written directions and descriptive images. Even though the project is designed to be simple enough for children to complete, I recommend one adult to assist for every one child attending if possible. Children will need assistance throughout the process. Also, I recommend reading the directions and carefully examining the illustrations before starting the build to ensure the child understands what he or she is doing ahead of time. It will make the construction process smoother.

Participants at the first Marvel workshop assembled a wooden Captain America figure with a movable arm holding a shield.  They also received the first Avenger patch for their aprons. Those who attend all the Avenger workshops will be able to connect their smaller patches to make a larger Avengers team patch.


The next workshop on Saturday, June 25 will be to build Iron Man. Pre-registration for the workshops is highly recommended and can be done on-line. There are only a specific number of kits available at each location, so the earlier participants register the better. Day of registration may be available depending on the number of pre-registrations. Recommend calling ahead to check availability if not signing up before the event.


After having gone through the experience with my family and friends, I would recommend this event to other families.  My children and friends’ children loved the entire experience and are looking forward to assembling their own handmade Avengers team.

7 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble This Summer at Lowe’s Build & Grow Kid Workshops

  1. I have been taking my 3 sons to Lowes every clinic and they are loving it. However, we were out of the country during the June 11th clinic and missed the captain america. We have all the remaining kits and my sons are really seeking the Captain America kit so they can complete the entire set. If someone has extras, please do let me know. I would love to get them.

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    1. One of my kids lost their Thor patch in the store and we are trying to find one of those, so kind of know about missing part of the set. Have you tried contacting Lowes corporate office just to see if they have any?


  2. You can try Ebay. I saw some of last summer’s sets on there. Last year each Avengers had some kind of vehicle.
    And If they want Captain America stuff, the day Lowe’s has the Hulk set Toys R Us will have a LEGO Captain America set. The Toys R US event starts at noon, so if you could try to make both events.

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  3. I took my son to Lowe’s for the Hulk Build. They still had a few of the previous sets in the series. I saw Falcon and Black widow in a box next to the boxes of Hulks. It might be worth asking at your store if your child are missing one from their collection.

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