Star Wars ABC-3PO Illustrated Book: Perfect for Fans Young & Young at Heart

Often children’s books inspired by popular fandoms offer simple stories and illustrations for their target market, kids, but leave the adults reading these books wishing there was more. Well, Star Wars ABC-3PO has done what many kid fandom books haven’t, made an illustrated children’s book that is fun for both fans young and young at heart.20160620_170450

Released on June 14th by Disney and Lucasfilm Press, Star Wars ABC-3PO is one of those books that is entertaining at any age. Authors Calliope Glass and Caitlin Kennedy have constructed a rhyming Star Wars ABC book full of funny moments and character side jokes. Artist Katie Cook‘s drawings are child-like, yet still capture the sassy humorous side that is distinctly Star Wars. Cook’s illustrations with Glass’ and Kennedy’s words have created an instant classic, in my opinion, that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages.


From beginning to end, readers are greeted with classic and more recent Star Wars characters. The authors have compiled an entertaining mix of characters and items from the episode 1-7 movies and the popular cartoon shows to create their rhymes. As I read this book to my son for the first time, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud through much of the book. The references to long running jokes about certain characters and scenes combined with the rhymes make this book funny letter after letter.

Also, this book is only made better by Katie Cook’s illustrations. Not only are they eye-catching for young ones, they also hold bits of humor in some and hidden references in others. Young geeklings learn not only their ABC’s, but about the Star Wars universe page after page. Children of any age will find something about this book to love.


Though this book is an ABC children’s book, its humor is its selling point for me. The humor mix reminds me a bit of that in Jeffrey Brown’s Goodnight Vader book. With that said, Star Wars ABC-3PO will brighten any fans day. It is available now on-line and in stores.


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