Cosplay with Heart: Build for a Cause

At times the Internet can really bring us down with its continuous barrage of stories about tragedies and crises, but at times stories of hope and human kindness appear. When the story of Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes‘ Ant-Man costume appeared on the screen, I knew this was one of the good ones.

WnR Antman Costume


Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes create amazing, custom costumes, free of charge, for children who use wheelchairs and walkers.  They began their journey in specialized costumes with the creation of their Wall-E wheelchair costume in 2008. Over the next six years, they built a variety of creations for children in the Kansas City area. In 2015, they took their mission to another level. They formed a 501(c)3 non-profit and started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1000 to construct five costumes. Their Kickstarter not only reached goal in two days, but raised enough funds to build nine costumes. Now Walkin’ & Rollin’ is looking to take it to another level again. They are looking to not only raise additional funds to provide more costumes to kids with their GoFundMe Page, but are looking to expand their build community.

As they strive to provide costumes to children further away from their home base in Kansas City, Walkin’ & Rollin’ are looking for volunteers around the world to assist in their mission. They are looking for costume designers, individuals to sew or sculpt, graphic designers, and builders to construct or assemble costumes. Volunteers can give their talents on an individual level or form a volunteer group in their area. Costumes can also be sponsored.

There are varying levels of sponsorship ranging from designing to building to funding the entire build. Schools, businesses, and other groups wanting to help can easily find a sponsorship level that fits their abilities. A few groups that could really make a difference are the cosplay community and theater costume and set designers.

These communities are vast, talented, and full of heart. If these skilled people across the world came together and used their talents to help these children, many unique and amazing costumes could be created. Children worldwide would get an experience that they wouldn’t otherwise. Spreading the word about this creative volunteer opportunity is key to its success. Supporting Walkin’ & Rollin’ by sharing their mission, donating money, or giving skill and time can go a long way in making a child’s day a bit brighter.

WnR Page Promo

*Disclaimer – I have no affiliation with Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes. Just was moved by what they are trying to do and wanted to spread the word about them.

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