4 Summer Reading Programs to Get Kids Reading


Every year educators everywhere speak about the summer brain drain. They always focus on how children lose knowledge during their summer breaks and skills are not maintained. As parents we often struggle to strike a balance between our desire to let our children be children during their extended break and keeping their brains sharp for the next school year. The other struggle comes from the kids themselves.

Children want to hang out with their friends, play video games, watch movies, and the list goes on. So what out there can fight brain drain while also being fun for kids. These 4 Summer Reading Programs!

Below are four summer reading programs that are more than just read a specific amount of time programs. Each program is designed to incentivize readers in some way and make summer reading enjoyable. Some even ask readers to take another step beyond just listing which books or number of pages were read or for how long. They ask readers to share their opinions about what they read.  By making reading seem less like schoolwork and more of a fun challenge activity, these programs strive to encourage young readers to pick up books throughout the summer.

Check out these Summer Reading Programs!

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Triathlon


The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program encourages children to read to earn a free book of the child’s choosing from the store’s Reading Journal list. This program is simple and straightforward. Read 3 to 4 books and fill out the Reading Journal. The journal can be downloaded from the Barnes & Noble website or a copy can be picked up at the store.

Once the journal is completed, children return it to any Barnes & Noble location by September 6, 2016 to choose a book from the designated list within the journal. It is that simple to get in some summer reading and get a brand new book.


Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Scholastic Summer Challenge Logo

Be a Reading Superhero is Scholastic’s 2016 Summer Reading Challenge. Their program encourages readers to track their reading minutes on their website to earn virtual prizes and chances to win prizes from Klutz Books. The program runs through September 9, 2016.


Heroic Girls Summer Reading Program


Don’t be thrown off by the name. This program is open to girls and boys from upper elementary on up. Heroic Girls is looking to build a database of graphic novels and books that readers can reference in the future and are using their summer reading program to assist in constructing the list. First, they are asking readers to select a variety of graphic novels on their own or from the Heroic Girls’ list to read.

Next, they are asking that readers write a brief review for each item read. Finally, submit at least 6 reviews to Heroic Girls by September 1, 2016 to win a variety of prizes. This program is a win – win for all involved. For more information on the program, click on this – Heroic Girls Summer Reading Program.


Local Library Reading Programs


Local library summer reading programs vary from city to city, but most libraries do offer some program. Many libraries offer incentives or prizes for children and teenagers who read throughout the summer. Our local library receives donations from a variety of businesses not only located in our city, but from across our state. These donations are then distributed to those participating through a raffle prize system. This is just one example. Libraries across the country are running programs right now. Contact your local library to learn more about their specific program.

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