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Books, Quotes, Food, & Fun: A Literature Inspired Party


Recently, I was asked to help plan what I consider a dream party – a literature themed party. I love books. Reading and illustrations are my thing; so when the opportunity to assist with creating a lit themed bridal shower came my way, I jumped at the chance.

After exploring the Internet for inspiration, my cousin and I had a Pinterest board full of ideas to get started with. Below are photos of a few of the book touches that we created for the shower. Though this party was for a bride-to-be, many of the ideas can be tweaked to create a whimsical tea party, a book themed birthday or graduation party, or a wedding reception. Hope a few of these ideas inspire others to design book and quote parties of their own.



These banners were made with pre-cut banner paper from the craft store along with letters cut from a Cricket cutting machine. Letters can be also handwritten or stickers can be used. Also, small embellishments were added, which can either be handmade or picked up from a store like Michaels.

Food Decorations

Cupcakes in mismatched tea cups is a quirky, yet romantic touch. To add to it, quotes from one of the bride’s favorite authors, Jane Austen, were attached to toothpicks and then placed into every cupcake. Once they were all laid out, they were not only visually gorgeous but also a point of interest and conversation starter as people looked to see all the different messages. The quotes on toothpicks idea can also be applied to finger sandwiches, brownie bites, or other small finger food.

Table Decor

Three main pieces were created to decorate the tables.

Large flowers made from book pages were used for food and gift tables. These flowers were made by cutting different sized petals from pages and then hot glued to a cardboard square in a pattern working in towards the center, from largest to smallest petals, to create the layered look.

Mason jar vases were used on each guest table. Every vase was decorated with white tulle, flower cut-outs made from printed cardstock that were hot glued to the tulle, and chalkboard labels cut out with a paper punch. The bride and groom’s initials were written on each vase. Then the vases were with glass beads and large coffee filter flowers.

Finally, book page table runners were placed along each guest table. Each runner was made from old paperbacks found at Goodwill. It took approximately two paperback novels to create three runners. DIY directions for the page runners can be found on the DIY Wedding Magazine site.

Happy Party Planning, Everyone!


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