2 New Star Wars “I Am” Books Added to the Series

DSC_0969 (2)

Back in January, Little Golden Books released a new Star Wars children’s book series called “I Am A…”. I immediately bought I Am A Jedi, I Am A Pilot, and I Am A Droid  for my son and he fell in love with the series. After getting them, I wrote about these first three books and our favorite features of the books. Now Little Golden Books has released two new additions to the series – I Am A Sith and I Am A Princess.

I Am A Sith was released July 12 and has been a staple at storytime since. My son loves all the action-filled illustrations and hearing about the Dark Side’s pursuit of power. The book details the Sith hierarchy, their methods, and their part of the Star Wars storyline. With the book focused on the Sith, the images are a bit more intense than the other books in the series . More angry looking character faces, fight illustrations, and pictures of battle sequences fill each page. None of the illustrations are too scary. Just something to note for younger fans. It is a great addition to the series and stylistically similar to the first three releases.

Now the I Am A Princess book had me wondering how it was going to fit into the series format with there only really being one princess to write about. I was eager to read it, so its release on July 26 couldn’t come fast enough for me. Upon receiving it, I found that the format of the book was different from the other four books, but not in a disappointing way. I Am A Princess is a fun, girl-empowerment book.

DSC_0979 (2)

My son loves all the book’s illustrations, but it is my 11 year old daughter who loved this book best because of its message. The book lists and describes many attributes that make a princess a hero. Princess Leia has always been a strong female character and demonstrating why, even though she is a princess, she is as much as hero as anyone else in the Star Wars stories makes me love this book. It shows that anyone can be a hero, no matter what their title is.

Overall, both new books deliver entertaining options for young Star Wars fans. All five books are perfect for introducing kids to the Star Wars universe. In a way, each one is a mini character encyclopedia for little kids. As of August 1st, these books range from $2.28 to $3.81 on, depending on the book. A box set of the “I Am A” collection is set for release on September 6, 2016. Adding any of the books in this series to a child’s home library would be money well spent and bring enjoyment to young readers.

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