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Review of Lil DC Comics Bombshells Figures


Last year I was introduced to Ant Lucia‘s DC Comics Bombshell art and immediately fell in love with it. His take on DC Comics’ classic female characters is amazing. I was drawn in by the little details of each character he created. And I am not the only one to be taken in by Lucia’s artwork, as his images have been turned into merchandise gold over the past year as fans seek out their favorite Bombshell.

Seeking to meet fans’ desire for all things DC Bombshell, Cryptozoic Entertainment just released a series of 12 collectible vinyl figures that stand approximately 2.75″ tall with a 1 1/2″ base. Ten of the figures are the characters as they appear in the comics and then two of the figures are variations of Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. Each character comes in a collectible, decorative tin and is a mystery until the opened. Fans never know if they will get Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Black Canary, Batwoman, Flash, Katana, Hawkgirl, Mera, or a special variation figure.


As a huge fan, I purchased two tins to see who I would get. I was really hoping for Harley Quinn, Black Canary, or Katana; though I ended up with Hawkgirl and Mera. A little disappointed but it is a mystery pick, so couldn’t be too upset.

Upon opening the figures, the thing that first came to mind was “this is what we get for $10”. Now I found them for $10 at Wal-mart, but they are being sold on-line for between $16-$18. Each character is detailed and the paint job is good, but compared to other popular vinyl collectibles, like POP!s, they are a bit overpriced for being so tiny and not being able to chose the Bombshell you really want.

My overall opinion:

  • Great concept and character design
  • Nice detailing
  • The tin is a fun, retro touch.
  • They are tiny.
  • Expensive if you can only find them on-line.
  • Being a mystery pick is fun if just getting one, but if a fan wants the entire collection, the chance at duplicates is there and a lot of money could be spent before getting at least one of each character.

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