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Say What?! – 7 Comic Con Misconceptions

Time and time again, I have had people give me odd looks when I say my family loves to go to comic conventions.  Most of the weird looks usually come from one of two reasons; either they have no idea what comic con is or they are thinking about one or more of the misconceptions out there about cons.

Below are just a few of the top misconceptions my con-going family and friends have encountered.

Comic Con Calm

Comic Con is in San Diego right?

Yes and No. Yes, Comic Con International is held in San Diego. No, not every comic con is held in San Diego. New York Comic Con is huge. Then there are also DragonCon, Emerald City ComicCon, WonderCon, Alamo City Comic Con, Heroes & Villains Fest, Wizard World Comic Con, and many more!


There are nothing but comic books and comic book stuff there.

Comic Cons are full of so much more than comic book stuff (not that there is anything wrong with comic book stuff). These conventions have been adding more and more pop culture features every year. Comics are just one fandom to be found. There are also panels, art, and merchandise for fans of everything from Doctor Who to Star Wars to Harry Potter to 80’s cartoon characters. Saying comic con only has comics is like saying the hardware store only sells tools.




There are only “super” geeky people there.

Attendees probably will see a few “super” geeky people at a con, but most people are just everyday people that have a passion or love for a particular fandom. It isn’t like everywhere you look you see stereotypical, pimple-faced nerdy people. People from all different backgrounds and walks of life can be found at cons. It is diverse and accepting.


Cons are just a bunch of geeky and nerdy guys.

Actually most cons are about 50/50 when their attendance is broken down by gender. Girls love geek stuff just as much as guys. Thinking that males have the lock on comic conventions is far from the truth.



If you don’t cosplay, you won’t fit in.

Honestly, most people don’t cosplay at conventions. They wear a lot of clothing that displays their love of a particular fandom, but not full costumes. Seeing those that do cosplay is one of the convention highlights, but cosplaying yourself isn’t a prerequisite to fit in.


I can’t afford to cosplay for Comic Con.

Cosplay can be expensive if you go all out, but what people shouldn’t forget is that cosplay is about having fun as a character you love. If you want to cosplay, there are ways to do it on a budget. The internet is full of inexpensive DIY tutorials to help people cosplay in an affordable way. If you are need of something to complete your costume, remember reaching out to others to see if they have stuff you could borrow is always helpful and thrift stores can be gold mines. Also, the more a person cosplays, the larger their stash of costume items grows. A few basic investment pieces can go along way as time goes on.



Comic Con is too expensive to be a family outing.

Many Comic Cons offer deals where children 10 and under get free admission with a paying adult. Also, cons have been known to have family days where kids are able to do free activities and sometimes even receive free art. Deals are out there and can be found to make going to a comic con as a family for a reasonable cost a reality.


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