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Prepare for the School Year with a Fandom Themed Back To School Countdown

Children typically aren’t excited to go back to school. Thinking back to my youth, my brother and I weren’t super excited to return to school except for the part about getting new clothes. Kids haven’t changed much over the years in regards to this yearly ritual. Though a few years ago, I came across an idea that has changed how my own kids view back to school time. I started doing a “Back to School Countdown” with them.

There are a variety of versions of this countdown to be found around the web. In the past, mine consisted of positive reminders and quotes from their favorite superheroes or characters each day that tied into school and an item that I was giving them. An example would be giving the kids erasers along with a message about mistakes.

This year I decided to switch it up a little and instead of giving each child a positive message, I gave them a mission to prepare for school.


With 10 days to go before the first day of school, each child was given their mission board. My daughter received a Star Wars themed board and my son an Avengers themed board. As both fandoms often include missions, I thought the mission idea fit perfectly. Each mission has something to do with preparing to go back to school or returning to the school year routine. The missions also help me by the children finding items I need to look over before shopping for school supplies and clothing. For my younger child, the countdown keeps him from asking several times a day how many days until school starts. Overall, this is a Win-Win for the kids and myself.


For anyone looking to do create a countdown for their geeklings, countdowns are easy to make personalized to your child or children. Stickers are a simple way to personalize a countdown with your child’s favorite fandom. Also, they can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. One can be made for each child or it can be done for all the children to share. I’ve had some pretty complicated ones in the past, but went with a simpler design this year. To make the mission boards from poster board, construction paper, and stickers along with printing out the missions took me approximately an hour. My little geeklings look forward to this every year and I recommend to any parent to try out a Back to School Countdown, if they can. It really helps get the whole family get ready in a fun, memorable way.

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