Bedtime for Batman Book: Prepare for Bedtime Superhero Style

Story time before bed is one of my geeklings’ favorite rituals. Even the 11 year old will sit to hear whatever story I’m reading to the 6 year old. So when I see a new children’s book with one of my child’s favorite characters, I typically add it to our home library. When I saw Bedtime for Batman up for pre-order on Amazon, I knew it would be right at home on my kid’s bookshelf.


Released at the beginning of August, Bedtime for Batman by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Ethen Beavers is a playful book that leads young readers through bedtime routines through the eyes of a child thinking he is Batman. Each action the young character attempts is mirrored against that of something Batman would do. Almost makes you think the book might be called “What Would Batman Do?”.

Bedtime Batman page close up

The illustrations help children connect what the child is doing in the book with their own lives. My son is continually pointing out things that he sees in the book that he has or things he does. It is great to see him connecting with the book on such a personal level. Also, the illustrations of Batman and the other familiar heroes and villains get readers excited to see a popular hero at work.

As for the story itself, it is very basic and would be perfect for children 2 to 5 year olds, but still could definitely be enjoyed by those older. There are few words on each page as the story is more driven by the side by side comparison illustrations. The added little feature of a bedtime checklist at the back of the book makes me wish I would have had this book when my children were younger. I would love to see the author and illustrator make other superhero books along a similar routine theme; like getting up in the morning or going to school.

Batman Bedtime Checklist

Overall, my family thoroughly loves Bedtime for Batman and would recommend adding it to any superhero loving child’s bookshelf.


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