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The Destruction of Louisiana School Libraries and How You Can Help

I have been a booklover since I was a young child. I live and breathe books. When I was a teacher, I strived to put as many books as possible in the hands of my students. So when I saw author Kate Messner’s post about the number of Louisiana school libraries that have been destroyed by the recent floods, my heart broke for the teachers and students.


Aid is being provided to Louisiana residents in regards to the everyday essentials that are so needed, but as everyone cleans up and rebuilds their homes, other areas in these communities, such as schools, could use assistance as well. Schools were hit just as hard by the floods and not only suffered structural damage, but had their entire libraries destroyed.  Mold and mildew cover book after book in these water-logged libraries and classrooms. With so much else to address first, students are left without an important resource in their academic success. Though, there are ways people can help flood damaged schools begin to rebuild their libraries.

Kate Messner lists several schools and school districts, their needs, and their contact information on her post. Anyone looking to donate new books to the area can find the information needed on her website. Every little bit helps.

Even those who are unable to donate a book themselves, could help by spreading the word about donating new books to these school libraries or organizing a book drive through an organization in their community, their child’s school, their church, or other group.

Sometimes it is the little things that get us through the tough times.

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