Star Wars Reads is Back Starting October 1st




October is almost here, and it is bringing “Star Wars Reads” back for a 5th year with it! In years past, “Star Wars Reads” was a day to celebrate both reading and Star Wars. This year it is transitioning from a day to a month long celebration.

Libraries, schools, and book stores across the country are gearing up to kick-off the month with Star Wars themed reading parties. Barnes & Noble is hosting a Star Wars LEGO building event this Saturday at all of their locations. Local libraries are promoting special story times, activities, and reading sections centered around Star Wars. Even some schools are creating Star Wars displays in their libraries to encourage young fans to extend their love of the fandom to books.


Now if there are no planned festivities in your area or the activities don’t fit in your schedule, have your own celebration at home. has printable activities and posters that can be printed right right at home. Also, if you are looking for Star Wars book recommendations, check out Star Wars Kids Cast. They have reviews for a variety of Star Wars books starting with young readers on up. The goal of Star Wars Reads is to enjoy both reading and Star Wars, so it doesn’t have to be elaborate, just fun.

If you want to take it up a notch, there are plenty of ways to do it. Themed food and crafts can add to the celebration, and the Internet is full of great ideas. Dressing up as the characters and acting out parts of the books with your children is a way to bring the book to life. Doing daily Star Wars book trivia would be another way to continue to engage young readers and fans.

No matter if you celebrate just on October 1st or if you read a Star Wars book a day for the entire month, showing a love of reading and Star Wars is what it is all about. With Star Wars, reading, nerdy pumpkins, and Halloween, October is shaping up to be my favorite month of the year. May the Force Be With You All!



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