DIY Star Wars Corner Bookmarks


The October Star Wars Reads celebration of Star Wars and reading is in full swing. Libraries, schools, book stores, and others have been hosting fun Star Wars themed activities to promote reading, and kids and adults are loving it.

My son attended our local library’s Star Wars Reads Day and had a blast. He was so excited to meet stormtroopers, train like a Jedi, and use his Star Wars knowledge to win a new droid book. With the month starting on such a high note, I wanted to continue my children’s excitement with crafts and activities to coincide with the Star Wars books they are reading. As I searched the web, I came a across a YouTube video showing how to make a Darth Vader corner bookmark.


I quickly assessed if I had the supplies in the house to make it, found that I did, and got to work making one to see how easy it was. It turned out to be a super simple project for kids as young as 6 if they have a little bit of assistance. I thought I had the project I was going to do, but then I saw another DIY corner bookmark YouTube video demonstrating how to make Yoda, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and Kylo Ren. Well, both projects were similar so decided to let my kids decide which they wanted to make.

My daughter decided she wanted to make Yoda, but instead of printing off the picture the video offered for crafters to color and glue onto the corner marker, she wanted to draw him herself. So she took the videos more as inspiration than doing the exact project. Since I had already made Darth Vader, I decided to make a Princess Leia marker and followed my daughter’s lead and drew Leia myself.

These paper folded page holders were a simple craft that took 20 minutes tops from start to finish. The short construction time made it an ideal project to retain my children’s interest. Also, my kids thought it was funny that their favorite characters were hiding out in their books. The project was a win-win all the way around.

To do this project with your own little fans, you will need just a few things that are most likely already in your home.

  • Colored or white construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue and/or tape
  • Black marker or sharpie
  • Variety of colored pencils or markers (including silver)


After collecting all the needed supplies, a quick review of either YouTube video will have you creating Star Wars book buddies in no time.

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