Geekling FYI: LEGO Advent Sets are Out!


It is only mid-October and most of us have barely got Halloween costumes together, never the less have even thought about plans for the holiday season. Though when it comes to LEGO Advent Calendar sets, October is the right time to think about them.


For those that use an Advent calendar during the Christmas season, the LEGO Advent sets provide an alternative to the traditional candy given each day. These sets have proven to be extremely popular and almost impossible to find at a reasonable price or at all come mid-November every year. Each year LEGO creates a different and entertaining scene to slowly be built during Advent.

For 2016, LEGO released three different sets inspired by a few of their most popular lines: LEGO City Advent Calendar, LEGO Friends Advent Calendar, and LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. I have seen the sets at major stores, like Target and Wal-Mart in limited quantities, as well The LEGO Store. All of the sets are also currently available on Amazon. Again, with their popularity, October is the time to pick one up before everyone else thinks of getting one and they are gone.

LEGO City Advent Calendar

Currently on Amazon for $29.99


LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

Currently on Amazon for $29.94


LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Currently on Amazon for $39.99


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