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Black Widow Cinnamon Rolls


So this afternoon I was sitting here, trying to figure out a fun snack for the little ones, when I thought “What if I made cinnamon roll spiders?” My theme for the day was spiders, so sounded like a good idea to me. As I dug through the kitchen pulling out what I needed to make the spiders, it occurred to me that my eldest would probably be really surprised and love it if I made her a special black widow one.

You may ask why she would love a black widow one so much. Well, my daughter has been a huge fan of Marvel’s Black Widow since she was 6. She has been Black Widow for Halloween, used the name as her camp name (the adults at camp all kind of looked at me funny for that one), and met Stan Lee while dressed in a Black Widow costume. This girl is a fan.


So Black Widow and cinnamon rolls seemed like a Win-Win idea to me. Now came the part of figuring out how I was going to create such a treat. Luckily, I spied a bag of M&Ms and there were enough red ones to create a black widow spider symbol. It seemed like luck was on my side. With that figured out, I began creating spiders out of a standard 8 pack of refrigerator cinnamon rolls.

To get started, I gathered the following supplies:

  • 8 pack of standard refrigerator cinnamon rolls
  • Large greased cookie sheet
  • Black food coloring
  • Red M&Ms

Next, I started preheating the oven. I followed the oven temperature instructions that were stated on the packaging. As the oven heated up, I took 4 of the cinnamon rolls and placed them far apart from each other on a greased cookie sheet.

The remaining 4 cinnamon rolls were stretched out and then each one was cut into 8 long strips to create the legs. Once I had all of the legs, I attached them to the circular body by squishing the leg dough together with the main body. After all the legs were attached, I placed the spiders in the oven. I suggest they bake for the shortest amount of time stated on the packaging. Since the legs are thinner, it is better to bake for a shorter time and then add time if needed.

While the rolls baked, I prepped the icing. A few drops of black food coloring to the icing from the cinnamon roll package and the spider’s black cover was ready.


When the timer rang, I was ready to decorate. I found it best to move the spider roll to a separate plate versus icing it on the cookie sheet. Icing the legs takes a little more time than icing a typical cinnamon roll but totally worth the additional time. Also, it is best to apply the red M&Ms immediately after you ice the body so that they stick better. Some black icing and red M&Ms and my Black Widow cinnamon roll was ready for my daughter.


The moment she walked in the house she could smell the cinnamon rolls, and as soon as she saw her surprise treat, she was squealing with excitement. I made her afternoon.

Overall, this treat doesn’t take much time or supplies, and in the end, the kids loved it.


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