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DIY Death Star Trick or Treat Bucket


Halloween is less than a week away and it is costume crunch time. With Trick or Treat fast approaching, I started searching through my house to find my geeklings’ trick or treat buckets. Usually my kids like to theme their buckets or bags with their costumes. For many years we have used the same Iron Man bucket for our youngest, as my son has done several variations of Iron Man. This year though our entire family decided to do a group theme – Star Wars.

Well, we have plenty of those Star Wars themed bags from Target’s Dollar Section around the house, so figured we were set. Naw! My son wanted something different to go with his little Kylo costume. He wanted a Death Star. Of course, Kylo would want a Death Star.

So I began Googling Death Star candy buckets and found a picture of a black Death Star bucket, but no do-it yourself directions. Well, figured it was a good starting point, and just hoped my attempt wouldn’t end up being a Pinterest fail.

Once I got started, it took me approximately 2 hours to create the Death Star. The longest part was drawing all the silver lines. There were some little things that proved to be tricky along the way, but overall, the project is fairly simple. So, if you are looking to add a special final touch to your child’s Star Wars costume, think about creating a Death Star Trick or Treat Bucket.

DIY Death Star Trick or Treat Bucket Directions 


  • Inexpensive Plastic Pumpkin Bucket (mine was $1 at Wal-Mart)
  • Gray Spray Paint or Spray Primer
  • Silver Paint Pen
  • Black Sharpie Pen
  • Clear Spray Paint

Step 1

Spray paint the pumpkin bucket gray. Apply one coat and then let dry in a place with good air ventilation. After it is dry apply a second coat to ensure none of the original color bleeds through.

Step 2


Once the pumpkin bucket is completely dry, using the silver paint pen to draw the main decorative lines. I tried using painter’s tape to help me draw straight lines, but unfortunately I had to touch up some areas after I removed the tape, as the tape pulled up some of the base gray paint. I suggest finding a different guide for straight lines or to just freehand it.

I used the image below, which I found on-line, as my inspiration for where to draw the silver lines.


As for the back, I repeated the design on the front.

Step 3


Next, use the black Sharpie to draw the black line around the center of the Death Star and to detail the canon circle.

Step 4

Finally, when all the detail lines are drawn, spray the entire outside with a clear glaze to help protect the paint job. Let it draw in a well ventilated area. Once dry, it is ready for your child to fill with tasty treats!



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