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Why LEGO Kids Fest is the Place to Be

Recently my family spent a fun morning exploring LEGO Kids Fest, and found out why it is the place to be to spur a child’s imagination.


I had known about LEGO Kids Fest from when it had been in my area a few years ago, but didn’t go that year as I didn’t get tickets in time. This event regularly sells out ahead a time and any available tickets are not sold the day of. When I saw the event promoted on Facebook this year, I made sure I purchased my tickets early.

As the day approached, I wasn’t really sure what to expect at Kids Fest. I had seen all the pictures the event posted on their Facebook page and website, so knew there were going to be lots of cool LEGO creations and bricks to play with, but beyond that, didn’t know much. Was it going to be worth the price of admission?

The day came and upon arriving the first thing my kids were drawn to was the statue gallery when we first walked in. So many detailed LEGO creations of popular characters. They wanted to pose with them all. Who wouldn’t want to pose with superheroes and Star Wars characters?

Next they headed to the Star Wars area to build unique characters from Star Wars buildable figure parts. Now this area was a creative build area for attendees to stretch their imagination, but was not one of the areas where guests would receive Legos they could keep. My kids laughed through their entire time building as they made silly Jedi and Stormtroopers.

Once they had their figures finished, they decided to have a lightsaber battle which was entertaining to watch. After their lightsaber battle was complete, they headed to one of my favorite areas – the Nexo Knights Area.

The Nexo Knights Area had character statues to pose with, tablets to play the LEGO Nexco Knights game, and shield shaped Lego boards for attendees to create a shield design that was special to them.

The shield design area was by far my favorite place to watch my kids use their creative skills. Not to mention seeing the creativity in other guests, as there was a display board for each finished shield, was amazing. It surprised me how quickly people created all of these Lego art projects. This area made me want to run out and buy a ton of single Lego pieces for my children to make Lego mosaics at home. As the Nexo Knights area is another creative build area, I took lots of pictures.

After we finished the shields, we picked up the pace of exploring the event floor, as each admission is only for a specific four and a half hour time slot, and there is a lot to do and see. We found other brick statues and displays throughout the event. As well as several other creative build centers. The LEGO Friends area gave each attendee a small LEGO Friends set when they turned in their brick dream house. There was also a LEGO Friends photo booth and other LEGO themed photo areas to take fun pictures.

Guests could also participate in build challenges to win Legos, sit and read Lego books in the reading lounge, and pick up Lego gear and sets in gift shops. One of the big draws was the presentation by the Lego Master Builder. Attendees learned a bit about Legos and a few secrets on how to build strong brick creations. When the Master Builder’s talk was done, kids were able to put their building skills to the test by using the Master Builder’s tips to build a house and then put it to the wrecking ball challenge. It was interesting to see if the kids’ house would still be in one piece after the ball hit it.

Next up, the kids decided to swim, bury each other, and build in the mega pile of Legos. So many bricks! The kids dived right into the pile. They were in Lego heaven. Their favorite part of the pile was building a tower tall than they are and knocking it down with Lego “bats” they made.

To round out our time, we visited the LEGO Juniors and DUPLO areas for some more building. Next to these areas was a Lego Wall sponsored by State Farm. This wall displayed even more art created with single bricks. There were designs ranging from popular cartoon characters to names to fall images. So much creativity.

Overall, the LEGO Kids Fest is an entertaining and creative way to spend time with your kids. The joy I saw on my kids’ faces as they explored and built design after design was worth the ticket price. Not to mention my children’s brains were engaged and they were active. My entire family said they would go again if it came back to our area. After the event, I created a quick list of pros and cons, as well as things to note if attending in the future, that is below. I highly recommend LEGO Kids Event to families with creative and LEGO-loving kids.


Things to Know about LEGO Kids Fest

  • The crowd size is capped to ensure there isn’t overcrowding and that attendees can participate in each area.
  • Lots of variety to appeal to children of from toddlers to teens.
  • The event it is filled with interactive, hands-on activities.
  • Limited to only four and a half hours of time at the event
  • Tickets are $19-$22 per person 3 and up and the cost for an entire family can add up quickly.
Tips When Going


  • Get in the entrance line at least 20 minutes before the doors open. Security checks can slow the line down and if you arrive right when your ticket says you could be waiting awhile to get in.
  • Pick up tickets to the Master Builder Presentation the moment you get into the event. Only so many tickets are available for each presentation time slot and those tickets go fast.
  • Purchase your tickets at the very latest 3 weeks in advance. Most locations sell out certain time slots weeks ahead of time.
  • Take pictures with the statues in the Statue Gallery closer to the close of the event. Most people try to take pictures right when they enter the floor, so there is a lot of waiting to take turns. Better to wait until later.
  • Take lots of pictures. The kids make such amazing things, so pictures are a must.


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