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Help Your Elf Get Off the Shelf and Get into Legos

Next week Elves will begin returning to homes to add to children’s holiday fun. My children love to see what their Elf is up to when they wake up every morning. As an Elf Helper, sometimes the Elf and I struggle what to do next. We try to do different things than years before, but we often go looking for inspiration.


Now my geeklings love to see their Elves interested in the things they are, and I’m sure many children feel the same way. So to help all the Elf Helpers and Elves out there, I went in search of LEGO fun for Elves. Below are ideas to help Elves share in LEGO playtime like the children they are hanging out with do.

LEGO Holiday Elf Ideas


Using Legos to share messages from the Elf is a fairly simple activity. Messages can be done with loose bricks or made into 3D words.

LEGO Holiday Creations

Waking up to new holiday LEGO creations made by the Elf can bring a smile to a LEGO lover’s face. If the Elf had a long night of travel, pieces with directions for a child to build their own LEGO holiday creation could be exciting too.


Elves can find lots of inspiration on the following sites.


Spaceships and Laser Beams


Frugal Fun 4 Boys


Childhood 101


Elves Interacting with Legos

Kids love to see their Elves doing humorous things. Though I prefer to see our Elf not doing naughty things and would rather our Elf do funny things. An Elf having a good time with Legos can again be an opportunity for the Elf and kids to share in a particular passion. Since Elves are smaller than the kids, kids can live vicariously through the Elves when it comes to riding in Lego cars, sitting on Lego chairs, or hiding in Lego houses to name just a few scenarios.


Elves need friends to hang out with when the kids are not around, so how about a LEGO Elf.

LEGO Marble Run

My kids love when the Elf leaves something for them. A LEGO Marble Run to play with throughout the day is a quick LEGO game for the Elf to share with the kids.


Hope these ideas inspire some Elf Helpers and Elves out there. Good luck and have fun!

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