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Help Your Elf Hero Up This Holiday

Elf Return Week starts in one week!


Elves begin returning to homes Friday, November 25 through Friday, December 2. With the start of the holiday season almost here, all us Elf Helpers are starting to think about what we are going to do to help our family’s Elves have some holiday fun with our children. My family’s Elves have a strict policy of no naughty behavior, so their antics are more entertaining and done to make our kids laugh and smile.

The kids really love it when the Elves are engaged in activities with things they are passionate about.  One thing they love are superheroes. Knowing there are probably many other geeklings out there that love superheroes, I went in search of superhero inspiration for Elf Helpers and Elves. Below are just a few ways for your Elf to add a superhero flair to some of their visits this year.

Superhero Elves


Help your Elf assume a superhero identity with a mask and/ or a cape.


Busy Kids Happy Mom used a pattern by Little Bit Funky to help their Elf hero up.

Enza’s Bargains created Captain America and Spider-Man printables to give Elves new hero personas.


Kids And Deals created a no-sew cape and mask to transform their Elf.

Hanging with Heroes

Using your children’s superhero action figures to create silly and entertaining scenes can be a quick way for Elves to switch things up without too much work.

Elves could be trapped by Superheroes.

They could just be hanging out.


Or Elves could be getting on the superhero action and saving the day from the villains.

Have Some Fun with Superhero Toys

When my kids find their Elves playing with their toys it usually makes them laugh. If they were to find their Elves hiding in their superhero costumes or in one of their hero’s forts, I think they would love it as would other geekling superhero fans.


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