Star Wars Christmas Ornament Kid Craft

This week marks the release of Star Wars Rogue One, and as of today Christmas is 13 days away. So what better time to do a Star Wars Christmas craft with the geeklings!

Recently I found a DIY Star Wars droid ornament post on DIY, and fell in love with it. The craft was simple with few supplies. Perfect to do with geeklings. After showing the activity to my kids, they decided to brainstorm how to make other Star Wars character ornaments, simple enough for kids to create.


My children love so many of the characters, but not all the characters have elements that can be tweaked into simpler versions. We Googled each of the characters they loved to identify features that we could use to make kid-friendly versions. Then, sketched out what we thought would work on each ornament. Once our drawings were the way we wanted them, it was time to get our supplies and see if our designs would work.


Now we decided to make six different character ornaments, so we had a lot more supplies than if we had just created one design. When choosing supplies, recommend getting gloss craft paint versus regular acrylic if painting on the outside of the ornament. The final look is much better with gloss paint. Also, highly recommend picking up paint pens versus using paint brushes for younger geeklings. My 6 year old was able to control his paint lines with more ease using a paint pen.

Wal-Mart has a better selection of individual paint pens compared to Michaels. Michaels is a better deal if you are looking for multiple colors as most of the paint pens at their store come in multi-packs. In regards to choosing which ornament to use, recommend ornaments that are more flat versus more like a round ball. The flatter surface provides a better surface to paint the image. After all supplies have been acquired, it is time to fill the ornaments with paint.


This project does require a bit of ahead of time prep as each ornament gets its base color by filling the ornament with some paint to coat the inside. When coating the inside with paint, it is best to cover the opening with your finger or paper towel and your fingers and then shake the ornament to get even coverage. Once coated, turn the ornament upside down and place it in a cup so the excess paint can drip out. The paint inside needs time to drain and dry, so it is best to paint the inside the day before painting the details on the outside.


Prepping the inside really is the most time consuming part of this craft. Older kids could easily complete this step by themselves no problem, but younger geeklings will need assistance, as paint may end up everywhere if they move their fingers when shaking the paint around. When the inside colors are set, it is time to bring their favorite Star Wars characters to life. Below are instructions for each design to show how we took each character from concept to finished ornament. All the ornaments below were created by my 6 year old and 11 year old with elementary school kids in mind.


BB-8 Ornament


The BB-8 ornament is easily created with a few simple shapes. Young geeklings can create their very own BB-8 ornament with circles, rectangles, and lines. A white ornament along with black, silver, and orange paint pens are needed to start. Next, recommend starting with the large black circle and then the smaller circle and circle outline. These two circles help determine where to place the other shapes. Next, draw the thin silver line at the bottom and silver rectangles above the large black circle. Finally it is time to draw the large orange rectangles on both sides of the large black circle and the small orange rectangles on the bottom silver line. Then BB-8 is done! A few simple shapes and one of Star Wars’ most popular droids is ready for the Christmas tree.

Ewok Ornament


Ewoks are so cute and love the forest, so an evergreen tree is a perfect place for them. This ornament is a little more difficult and is probably better suited for geeklings 7 years old and older. To start, gather an orange painted ornament along with brown, black, and silver paint pens, a small paint brush, and light brown paint. Next, to start draw a dark brown circle in the middle of the ornament. Above the large circle, draw 2 small, brown half-circles, one on either side as shown in the picture. Then draw a silver line above the large brown circle and between the 2 brown ears. Once the silver line is dry, draw 3 brown “X”s along the line.

Now it is time to create the Ewok’s face. Using the light brown paint, paint over the bottom 2/3 of the dark brown circle to create the Ewok’s furry face. Refer to the picture for guidance. Let the paint dry for a few minutes. When the paint is dry, geeklings can add 2 black circle eyes on the upper part of the light brown section and then add a nose with a dark brown half-circle. My daughter decided to add a small white dot in each eye, but not needed. After drying for a bit, the Ewok will be ready to find his place on the Christmas tree.

Boba Fett Ornament


Boba Fett’s helmet is a great design to turn into an ornament. It is instantly recognizable and is a simple design. Start with a green painted ornament and red and black paint pens. My daughter thought our red paint pen looked more pink, so she decided to use regular red paint and apply the paint with a brush. Recommend using a gloss paint if using regular paint instead of a paint pen. Geeklings can decide which way is best for them to create the curved, red “T” shape design on their ornament.

The red “T” covers the middle and lower part of the ornament. It is best to create the top line first so that kids know where to draw the other lines to form the shape. Reference the above picture to see where the shape should be placed. Once the red paint is dry, kids should use a black paint pen and draw a smaller curved “T” shape inside the larger, red “T”. For younger kids, it is simpler for them to just make 2 rectangles to create the “T” shapes and will be just as recognizable. Once dry, geeklings can hang on the tree and hope that this bounty hunter isn’t a present hunter too.

Chewbacca Ornament


When we first began designing a Chewbacca ornament, we thought about doing his face, but after working on a design, found that his face may be difficult for younger crafters to replicate. This made us think to do just his belt, as it could be constructed with rectangles and squares. To create a Chewbacca ornament, a brown painted ornament as well as a dark brown or black paint pen for his belt and a silver paint pen to add the details. Young crafters should begin by using the black or dark brown paint pen to draw a curved line starting in the upper right corner and down to the bottom left corner. Then draw a second line alongside the first line with a gap between the 2 lines. Refer to the picture above. Once both lines are drawn, fill in with color to make the belt base. Next, start in the upper right corner again and draw 2 side-by-side rectangles with the silver paint pen. Below the rectangles, draw 2 small squares. Then draw 2 rectangles below the squares and continue with the rectangle/square pattern all the way to the bottom of the belt. A few basic shapes and geeklings will have an iconic Star Wars character ornament for the family tree.

Darth Vader Ornament


Like with designing Chewbacca’s face, Darth Vader’s helmet was more complicated than young crafters could probably do, so we went with Vader’s chest plate. A black painted ornament along with silver, white, blue, and red paint pens are need to get started. Use the picture above as a reference guide  to determine where to put the rectangles and squares.

When making this ornament, kids should start by drawing and filling a large square in the middle of the ornament with a silver paint pen. Let the silver paint dry and then it is time to add rectangles and squares to make the buttons. Using the white paint pen, geeklings should draw 3 rectangles on the left side, but leave space at the bottom to make 3 white squares across the bottom starting on the left side. Next, a blue paint pen should be used to make a medium-sized square in the upper right corner of the silver box. Below the blue square, a medium-sized red square should be drawn. Finally, kids should draw a little red square in the bottom right corner, in line with the 3 white squares across the bottom. Set aside and let it dry completely. Once dry, Darth Vader is ready to spread some Christmas spirit while on the tree.

Death Star Ornament


Our Death Star ornament design is the easiest for a geekling to create. It is can also be made for elaborate with the addition of more shape details. My 6 year old decided this would be his first project. I think he just wanted to finish an ornament before his sister, so picked a simple one. This ornament requires a large gray painted ornament along with silver and black paint pens. When making this scaled down Death Star, start by making a line around the middle of the ornament with a silver paint pen. Next, draw a silver, medium-sized circle above the silver line in the right corner. Now, geeklings can choose to use a black paint pen and detail the silver circle like my son did, or just leave it. Also, more detail can added by using silver lines, squares, and rectangles to create an ornament that looks similar to the Death Star design used on the treat bucket below. When all the details are added, this Death Star can be hung on the tree to make Christmas more Sithmas.


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