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5 Ways You Know You had a Geeky Holiday

2017 is upon us. This weekend we all close the books on 2016 and begin a new year. As many do when a new year approaches, I was thinking back over the year and all the little moments, when I realized that this year our family had a very geeky Christmas.

Now our family is a family of geeks and geeklings, so this is not much of a surprise, but this year, in my opinion, we took it to the next level. Below is a list of 5 things that may signal that you had a very geeky holidays. How many boxes can your family check off?

You may have had a very geeky holiday if…

1. Your entire family wore coordinating fandom holiday shirts.
2. Your tree, house, and yard are decorated with geeky fandom ornaments and holiday decor.
3. Yours and your family’s gifts are centered around one or more fandoms.
4. Your Elf on the Shelf shares in the fandom love.
5. Your family time revolves around board games and video games.

Wishing all the geeks and geeklings out there a great New Year’s Eve and a FAN-tastic 2017!

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