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Learn How to Better Engage Your Child with a Year in Review Activity

2017 is here and we are already one week in. 51 more weeks to go!

Now as a parent I try to keep track of what my kids are interested in, what they have enjoyed doing, and possible new things they want to try out. But I’ll be honest, like so many other parents out there, I’m not a super computer. Keeping track of the shear amount of important information regarding your child from all their teachers, their medical information, their daily schedule, and the list goes on requires a lot of a parent’s memory. The thought of trying to remember all the little “non-essential” information, like my kid mentioned he/she wanted to go to the science museum soon, can add up and make a parent’s brain want to short circuit. Enter in an activity to give parents a quick snapshot into their child’s thinking – a Year in Review/Goal Setting sheet.

This year, I sat down with my kids and helped them fill out a fun Year in Review sheet by Skip To My Lou that not only let me see what they liked during 2016, but what they wanted to do in 2017. It was great to see what memories really stood out to them and what they really enjoyed. Seeing this information got me thinking as to what new things we could do or places we could go that they would really enjoy based on their current likes. No need for 20 questions with the kids, just an entertaining info sheet and I had inspiration on where to start in 2017 to guide my children towards activities to encourage growth in areas of interest or with possibilities to create lasting memories.

I also loved that this review had a section asking not just for the kids to set goals, but what they wanted to learn, see, and get better at. It was simple and to the point. After looking at my son’s answers, I could clearly see that we need to find some outlet for his high interest in robots. My daughter on the other hand was much more practical in her answers. She was quick to point out that she has other things she wants to learn, but that now that she is getting older, she feels she needs to know how to cook. She held true to form for choosing a practical task as her “learn to” answer. Again, seeing their responses really let me see what was truly important to them and not just a passing interest. After hearing that his sister wanted to learn to cook, my little guy said he wanted to learn too. With this information in mind, we have already started having the kids help prepare one meal a week on a night they don’t have another activity.

Below are other Year in Review and Goal sheets. Some may be a better fit for older children versus younger children. Parenting is not an exact science and is slightly different for every child. With activities like year in review and goal setting sheets, us parents can get a bit of new insight to help us adjust what we’re doing based on a particular child. Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most to a child and an activity like this can assist us parents in maybe seeing something we didn’t see before.






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