New Addition to the Star Wars: I Am A Book Series

Star Wars has been and continues to be hugely popular with adults and children. Many parents, who were fans as children, are now looking to share their love of Star Wars with their own children. My husband and I fall into that group of parents looking to share all of Star Wars’ awesomeness with our geeklings.

We are continually on the lookout for books that can help our children better understand the major characters at their level. For our 11 year-old daughter, there are some outstanding Star Wars encyclopedia for youth out there, but these encyclopedias are a bit much for our 6 year-old. Enter in the Little Golden Book Star Wars: I Am A… book series.


In January 2016, Little Golden Books released the first three books in the Star Wars: I Am A… series. Our family fell in love with the series reading those first books and quickly picked up the next two additions to the series in Summer 2016. Then last Tuesday, January 3rd, a new I Am A… book was released – Star Wars: I Am A Stormtrooper.


Like the previous books, the Stormtrooper edition introduces young readers to a particular aspect of Star Wars in a simple to understand fashion. In my opinion, the book is like a little kid’s introductory encyclopedia to Star Wars. It not only explains who and what a Stormtrooper is, but introduces readers to all the different variations of Stormtroopers. As readers move from page to page, they also learn about the Stormtrooper’s armor, vehicles, and weapons. Readers will also learn about the Stormtrooper’s origins and their evolving history. The evolution of the Stormtrooper is one of my favorite parts of the book.

As with the previous series additions, the illustrations are fun, informative, and entertaining. My son loves to learn as much as he can about Star Wars, so this book has become a storytime staple very quickly. He loves to ask about all the little details in each picture and quiz me for more information after each page I read. His favorite part is the illustrations depicting the Stormtroopers being mind-controlled. He laughs every time we get to that part of the book. This one is one of his favorite out of the six books. Even though I really enjoyed the book right along with him, I did notice one thing missing.


Stormtroopers from Star Wars Episodes 1-7 are illustrated throughout the book, but the book doesn’t introduce the Death Troopers from Rogue One. One could speculate a number of reasons why the authors chose not to include the Stormtroopers from Rogue One. My main guess would be that this book was created and in editing before most details of Rogue One were available. Another reason they may not have been included could be that this series, to date, has focused on Episodes 1-7. Though another book will be added to the series in July 2017 called I Am A Hero, so that book may include characters from Rogue One. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Overall, I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series. Little Golden Books are always great additions to a child’s bookshelf, and this book and series are no different. This book and the entire series are perfect for budding Star Wars fans to learn more about the characters. My son and I are looking forward to continuing our galactic journey with the next book in July. Until then, we will continue to reread and enjoy all six books in the series.

Entire Star Wars: I Am A… Book Series

DSC_0225 (2)

Star Wars: I Am A Pilot

Star Wars: I Am A Jedi

Star Wars: I Am A Droid


Star Wars: I Am A Princess


Star Wars: I Am A Sith


Star Wars: I Am A Stormtrooper

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