Cinderella Soars to New Heights in Interstellar Cinderella

I love books! I strive to find fun reads for my children in the hope of passing on my love of reading to them. Most of the time my children simply enjoy the books I choose. Though, occasionally there are times when we all get extremely excited about the same book, love it, and must read it over and over again. Interstellar Cinderella is one of those books.


A futuristic twist on a classic tale, Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Meg Hunt, takes a beloved character to the stars for a galactic journey while chasing her dreams. Complete with fairy god-robot, evil stepmother and stepsisters, a prince, and a ball, the book retains key elements that readers associate with the classic tale all while giving the story a bit of an update. Cinderella is no longer charged with household tasks, but with the tasks of a mechanic. She is skilled at repairing mechanical gizmos and dreams of fixing fancy rocket ships.


As with the traditional telling of Cinderella, her adventure begins with being left behind by her stepmother and stepsisters after they receive an invitation from the royal family. To reach the Prince’s Royal Space Parade, she must find a way to repair a broken space ship without the help of her tools. Lucky for Cinderella, her trusty mouse droid sends out an SOS and her fairy god-robot appears to assist. With a unique space suit and socket wrench courtesy of her fairy god-robot, Cinderella is able to blast off towards a series of events that will bring her closer to her dreams.

The outer space elements truly add a lot of fun to this story. They also aid in bringing new life to the image of Cinderella. There have been many wonderful illustrations of Cinderella, but they typically depict the same images over and over again. Seeing her not in a dress doing household chores but in a space suit fixing ships is a switch; yet is done in such a way as not to alter the true messages of the story to be true to yourself and believe in your dreams. In some ways, the alterations made to make Cinderella interstellar strengthen the positive messages the story tells.


Throughout the book, readers are entertained by Cinderella’s adventures and inspired by her determination to follow her dreams. My children love this new twist on a classic, and recommend it for readers of all ages. This tale has something for everyone to love.

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