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Fan Fun Awaits with DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year Movie

From the first time I heard DC Comics was creating a line of products and books for younger fans, primarily girls, I was thrilled. My daughter has been a comic book fan since she was six years old. She taught herself to read by trying to read a Marvel encyclopedia to learn more about the characters. When they made the announcement, my daughter was 10 and I was hoping she wouldn’t age out of the material too soon. Now she is 12 and still loves it all.

For Christmas she received the DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year movie and was super excited to watch it. She has watched all the web episodes and read all of the graphic novels and two of the chapter books that have been released; so she was ready to see what the movie had in story for some of her all-time favorite characters. With Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, and so many others, it appeared that this movie had the potential to be an entertaining, action-packed adventure and it did not disappoint.

DC Super Hero Girls are teen versions of well-known DC Comic characters who are all attending and training at Super Hero High. In Hero of the Year, the students of Super Hero High are preparing for the awarding of the annual Hero of the Year prize and award celebration, when an unknown evil begins a series of attacks on the school.  The attacks threaten not only the school but the entire universe. With everything hanging in the balance, the students of Super Hero High must work as a team and put their training to use.

Now, the plot of the movie is pretty standard – heroes face a particular evil, heroes must work together if they hope to defeat said evil, and then the heroes save the day. With that said, one may think that there is little originality to the film, but that isn’t the case with Hero of the Year. There are parts that are unexpected and the story includes villains that aren’t as well know. Below are five reasons this movie should be on your young DC superhero fan’s watch list.


5 Reasons Why Young DC Comic Fans Should Watch the DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year Movie

1)  Learn more about the heroes’ families.

This was truly one of my daughter’s favorite parts. She said that she really liked seeing the characters’ parents and the relationships between the parents and the heroes. A few she said reminded her of her dad and me.

2) Learn some of the heroes’ back stories.

My daughter has always been fascinated with the details of comic characters, like their their friends, where they got their powers, etc. During the movie, she said that she really liked seeing where the characters came from, their homes. She said it helped her understand the characters better.

3) Lesser known characters brought to the forefront and play larger roles in saving the day.

This movie showcases so many characters young fans may not have been introduced to yet. Since the setting is a high school, it is the perfect way to show a variety of characters all at once, while not being overwhelming. My favorites in this film are Bumblebee and Lady Shiva.

4) Sends positive message about when things don’t go the way you plan.

As a parent, I’m always looking for examples of life lessons so that my children better understand the concepts. Hero of Year has a few life lessons young fans can glean from it. My daughter’s favorite was how the film addressed when things don’t go as planned.

5) Connects well to the DC Super Hero Girls books and graphic novels.

Part way through the movie my daughter began bouncing on the couch with excitement and yelled out, “That’s in books! Mom, there incorporating parts of the books. I love it!”
Now as a parent, this was a great moment because I love seeing my child so excited. Though her observation got me thinking how well DC Comics connected the film to the books. In a way, they are encouraging young fans who may not typically read chapter books, as they prefer graphic novels like my daughter, to read books outside their normal reading comfort zone.

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