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Star Wars: A Very Vader Valentine’s Day will Steal Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is one week away! Children are assembling paper Valentines, getting excited for holiday classroom parties, and thinking about the sweet treats they may get to eat. In my house, my son is hyper focused on the next holiday he can celebrate. He keeps reminding me that Valentine’s Day is coming like I’ve never celebrated before and have no clue when the day is. Can’t blame him as he is six and celebrations are something fun to look forward to.


Well, during one of my Amazon book searches (because I love to look for new books), I came across the book Star Wars: A Very Vader Valentine’s Day from Scholastic. After reading the brief synopsis, thought a Valentine-themed activity book may be a fun way to channel his Valentine’s Day excitement. Ordered it and when he got it, he freaked out in a good way. He instantly fell in love.

Author Trey King and illustrator Katie Cook bring out the cuteness and lovable sides of a variety of Star Wars characters. Cook’s illustrations are adorable. Characters such as Darth Vader, Jabba, and Darth Sidious, who are typically a bit on the frightening side, are instead cute cartoon versions that look one hug away from being happy fellows. My son was just as crazy for Cook’s drawings in A Very Vader’s Valentine’s Day as he was with her drawings in Star Wars ABC-3PO. Her charming illustrations are the cherry on top of King’s entertaining writing.

Now this activity book is not just mazes and crossword puzzles. No, this book also includes Star Wars themed jokes, comic strips, relationship backstories of different characters, how to draw pages, and a bit more. Activity pages are punctuated with King’s lighthearted words, entertaining young readers. My son loved going from page to page to see everything the book had to offer. The book is listed as being for ages 8-12, but I believe those as young as 6 would also enjoy it, as long as they had an adult to assist with some of the reading.


With so much fun packed in one small book, what would make a young Star Wars fan’s Valentine’s Day even better? Star Wars Valentines to share with their friends. The book includes 36 tear-out, paper cards to pass out. There are 18 designs featuring Cook’s adorable artwork along with cute and playful messages. A Very Vader Valentine’s Day has it all. With so much fun to be had, my son and I recommend it for young Star Wars fans this Valentine’s Day.

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