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10 Last Minute Valentine Ideas for Geeklings

The weekend before Valentine’s Day is here; which means in this house get those class’ Valentines done so we aren’t scrabbling Monday night. My son decided this year he was going to hand make all of his Valentines with personalized drawings on each one. Luckily he told me last weekend because we have been working on them all week and still have a third of the class to go. We may be done my Monday.

My daughter is a bit easier. She saw a set of Valentines on Etsy, that are perfect coming from her, that we could print from home. My children’s different approach to creating Valentines versus our usual buying them at the store got me thinking about other ETSY and DIY Valentine card options. Below are 10 last minute ETSY and DIY Valentine ideas to show off a geekling’s passion or favorite fandom.

5 ETSY Valentine Finds for Geeklings


Science Icons Valentines designed by stephoodle that can be printed from your home computer.


Science Humor Valentines by Nerdy Word Gifts come in sets of 12 with envelopes.


Nerdy Together Valentines by Laurel St. Designs that are designed for easy printing at home. The cards can then be attached to a special treat if desired.


Harry Potter Valentines designed by Beckadoodles


DC Heroes Valentines by Beckadoodles

5 DIY Valentine Finds for Geeklings

DIY Outer Space Valentine with Bouncy Ball – Black paper, silver Sharpie, pair of scissors, and some bouncy balls and these “Out of this World!” Valentine will be ready to wow classmates and friends.


DIY Light Up Circuit Valentines by Left Brain Craft Brain. The downloadable pattern helps guide geeklings as they use Science to create a truly electric Valentine.

DIY Smarties Lightsabers with Printable Star Wars Tags designed by Busy Creating Memories and Artsy Fartsy Mama. Pairing these two printables together can make an adorable, unique Valentine for a Star Wars geekling’s friends.


DIY Pokemon Ball Valentines are a fun way to share a geekling’s love of Pokemon.

DSC_0394 (2)

DIY Yoda Bookmark Valentines are an alternative to sweet Valentines. My daughter created these for her class last year and the class loved them. Card stock, glue, and scissors or a cutting machine are the tools needs to make these galactic Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day, geeks and geeklings!

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