Geek Parent

It’s the Little Things

I am the proud mom of two science/math/technology/superhero/Star Wars-loving geeklings. My life is filled with so much science fiction, science, numbers, and imaginative discussions at times my head swims. Dinners out typically include math problems solved or inventions done on napkins. Almost every day I hear the words robot, drone, inventions, math, and technology at least once. I’m a book and movie geek through and through; so my geeklings’ STEM adventures have me in unfamiliar territory. Luckily my husband is an engineer and when he isn’t around, Google is a wonderful thing. Even though I may look like a deer in the headlights at times in regards to my STEM-loving children’s passions, I have found a way to connect their interests with mine. I make the little things just a bit more fun.

One may ask, what does that mean to make the little things a bit more fun? Well, let me explain. I love books, sharing information, and creative things. This is where my passions lie. Accentuating the fun in the little things began with the celebration of holidays. It started with decorating the house to fit the holiday and a book that tied into the holiday. After I discovered Pinterest (yes, I’m a Pinterest addict), I added creative foods to the mix. My children loved seeing what I planned each holiday. Seeing them so happy cemented my tradition of themed holiday fun.

When they were younger, I only did special things around holidays and birthdays. Though as they became older I found reasons to create special holiday-like celebrations beyond just days most people can find on a typical calendar. It all began with my daughter being made fun of for loving superheroes in 1st grade. All the fantastic products that can be found today for young girls weren’t readily available 6 years ago. Here was this child that was so passionate about superheroes and her friends couldn’t relate and other classmates made fun of her. So I made it my mission to do and find what I could to support my daughter’s love of superheroes.

I began searching for children’s books with comic book characters for her to read; though her favorite book in the whole house was her father’s Marvel character encyclopedia. Searched for shirts and accessories for her everywhere from the neighborhood box stores to ETSY. Also started celebrating special days like superhero movie release days, or days in history particular superheroes were introduced. Included in these mini-celebrations was themed food courtesy of inspiration found through Google searches. It was important to show her that it was okay to embrace her love of comics and that we fully supported it.


My creative foods and special surprises on ordinary days became my way of showing my geeklings that it is okay to show their passion for things, even if those things aren’t the most popular thing out there. It also has become a way to show my kids that in life we shouldn’t just celebrate when there is a holiday, birthday, and major milestone; we should take the time to celebrate and embrace the little things too. My passions in life found a way to help my children embrace their passions and be proud of them.

Each creative breakfast, art project, and fun activity has paved the way for me to find other avenues to intertwine my children’s passions into their everyday lives. I have branched out to include their interests in our holidays, their rooms and school projects as well. The little extras that I include now and then have had the added benefit of giving my children confidence to be true to themselves. It has also sparked their creativity. They are now giving me ideas and looking for ways that as a family we can include our passions in our day to day lives. What started as just a fun thing to do has morphed into so much more than I ever could have imagined when I first started.

So every time I share a picture, on what seems like just an ordinary day, of some fun breakfast or snack or special project, it is just me supporting something important in some way to my kids or helping them find the fun in an ordinary day. Life is too short. It doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary by adding something a little extra.


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