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The Voltron Legendary Defender Toy Every Fan Wants

In January, my husband and I were wandering through the toy section of a local store one night (because isn’t that what every couple does on date night), when we came across a section of new toys that we knew our children would flip out over. We found the new Voltron Legendary Defender Legendary Lion Series. Five lions that fit together to form a 16 inch tall Voltron. Now we knew our young Voltron fans were going to want this!

Our kids have been fans of Voltron even before Netflix released its new series back in January 2016. We were hoping that with the first season’s success that new toys and merchandise would be released, and these lions were the type of thing we were hoping for. The fact that these lions fit together to form Voltron allows fans to be more like the paladins. Each detailed lion comes with accessories that take it from attack lion to a part of Voltron.

Voltron Black Lion back of box

The Voltron Legendary Black Lion is the coolest of the five lions. It is also the most expensive, but worth the bigger price tag. As it is the core of Voltron, the black lion is larger in size and provides the voice of Voltron. When pieces are connected to the black lion, it gives comments on what to do next or which lion should connect next. The lion also lights up. Our children love when Shiro and the other paladins chime in as they are playing. It is the little details that make the black lion the perfect toy for fans.

Voltron Lions Group

Even though the black lion is seriously cool, it doesn’t mean that the other four lions aren’t amazing in their own ways. These lions are smaller in size and it is reflected in the lower purchase price. Now Voltron wouldn’t be Voltron without his sword, shield, and launchers, and each lion comes with an item for Voltron to use to defend the universe.

Legendary Blue Lion comes with an Ice Ray Projectile Launcher and a small pilot piece.

Legendary Red Lion comes with a Magma Beam Projectile Launcher, one part of Voltron’s sword, and a small pilot piece.

Legendary Yellow Lion toy includes a Disc Launcher and a small pilot piece.

Legendary Green Lion  comes with a Soul Surge Projectile Launcher, one part of Voltron’s sword piece, Voltron’s shield, and a small pilot piece.

The total cost to form Voltron with these figures is over $100. So it is an expensive toy; though worth the investment for a huge Voltron fan. My husband and I bought all of the lions when we first saw them because we wanted to make sure we were able to get all of them. Once we showed them to our children, they decided they would share the lions. Then purchased the lions from us with gift money and two months of allowance. Since we purchased them, the price has gone up as the supply has decreased. These lions are truly the toy Voltron fans want, but they are going fast. So the time for Voltron to assemble is now!

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