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Geeking Out with Lip Smacker

For most girls, Lip Smacker lip gloss is their first make-up. I love the Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker! It has been my go-to lip gloss since I was in middle school. Over the years, Lip Smacker has released more flavors and started adding different designs to their tubes. My daughter has quite the lip gloss collection with Disney Princesses on the containers. Now as much as she loved princesses when she was younger, superheroes and Star Wars have always been her thing; so seeing Lip Smacker’s new Marvel and Star Wars TSUM TSUM lines has me super excited.

Lip Smackers Marvel Line

These two lines are geeky perfection. They are not only perfect for fans of any age but they are reasonably priced. With most of the current items priced at $4.95 or less, they are perfect for Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, party favors, or just a pick-me-up gift to tell someone you are thinking of them. Fans can show off their love of these two fandoms everywhere they go.

Star Wars TSUM TSUM Lip Smackers

Below are all the current Marvel and Star Wars TSUM TSUM Lip Smacker products on The Marvel line not only has traditional tubes with a variety of superheroes on them, there are also fun character keychains with lip balm inside. The Star Wars TSUM TSUM line takes it to another level as each character figure connects to the others to make a TSUM TSUM tower. I picked up few to put in my geeklings’ Easter baskets, and may pick up a few more for friends and family. With so many fun options, it is hard to pick just one!

** Just to note the shipping deadline to receive product by Easter is April 7th. **


Marvel Avenger 6 Pack Tin: Flavors include Empowering Vanilla-Mint, Super Soldier Punch, Cotton Candy Dream Team,  Sour Apple Smash, Venomous Strawberry Vine, and Sweet Berry Armor – $9.95

Marvel Avenger 5-Piece Storybook: Flavors include Super Soldier Punch, Empowering Vanilla-Mint, Cotton Candy Dream Team, Sour Apple Smash, and Sweet Berry Armor  – $6.95

Lip Smackers Spiderman Pack

Spider-man Trio: Flavors include Super Hero Punch, Web-Slinging Licorice, and Amazing Pomegranate – $4.95

Marvel Super Hero Black Widow Lip Balm Keychain: Black Widow key chain figure has Empowering Vanilla-Mint lip balm inside – $4.95

Marvel Super Hero Captain America Lip Balm Keychain: Captain America key chain figure has Red, White, and Blue-Berry lip balm inside – $4.95

Marvel Super Hero Hulk Lip Balm Keychain: Hulk key chain figure has Sour Apple Smash lip balm inside – $4.95

Marvel Super Hero Spider-man Lip Balm Keychain: Spider-man key chain figure has Amazing Pomegranate lip balm inside – $4.95

Captain America Trio Cane with Shield Keychain: Flavors include Red, White, & Blue-Berry, Patriotic Vanilla, and Super Hero Punch – $1.95

Captain America Trio Cane with Pink Shield Keychain: Flavors include Empowering Vanilla-Mint, Venomous Strawberry Vine, and Cotton Candy Dream Team – $1.95

Iron Man Trio Cane with Iron Man Keychain: Flavors include Invincible Chocolate, Billionaire Root Beer, and Super Hero Punch – $1.95

Spider-man Trio Cane with Spider-man Keychain: Flavors include Amazing Pomegranate, Web-Slinging Licorice, and Super Hero Punch – $1.95


Darth Vader TSUM TSUM: Darth Chocolate Lip Balm inside the stackable character – $4.95

R2-D2 TSUM TSUM: R2D Licious Lip Balm inside the stackable character – $4.95

Storm Trooper TSUM TSUM: Ice Cream Clone Lip Balm inside the stackable character – $4.95

Yoda TSUM TSUM: Jedi Master Mint Lip Balm inside the stackable character – $4.95

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