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16 Simple & Quick Ways to Bring a Bit of Star Wars to Your Day

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May is a great month for Star Wars fans! With special dates like May the 4th Be With You, Revenge of the 5th, and the 40th anniversary of the release of Star Wars: A New Hope on May 25th, May is prime time to celebrate the awesomeness of this fandom.

Last year I wrote about how to “Level Up Your May the 4th Be With You Day”. This year with the 40th anniversary giving fans reason to celebrate Star Wars for a whole month, I tried to find or come up with simple ways to bring a bit of Star Wars to any day. This way fans can add a bit of Star Wars to each day and stretch out the fun.

Below are 16 easy ways to include Star Wars into any day. Some of the ideas may seem like things people do anyways. Others may be something you hadn’t thought of. Though all were put on this list because of the level of effort it takes to do because sometimes we want to do something but there just isn’t a lot of time.

Happy celebrating Star Wars, everyone!

Read a Star Wars Book or Two or Five

There are so many fantastic Star Wars books out now for fans of all ages. Head to the library or bookstore to grab a new book or an old favorite and spend some time quality time this month living in the pages of the Star Wars Universe. If you are looking for recommendations, check out Star Wars Kids Cast.

Show Your Fandom Love with T-shirts or Accessories

This is one of the simplest ways to show your fandom love. Many fans already have items in their closets. Not to mention with the success of the new movie additions, Star Wars gear is pretty easy to come by if you are looking to add new pieces to your wardrobe. So grab a shirt, hat, socks, or whatever you want and show off your Star Wars love.

Use Star Wars Plates and Silverware

Party ware or actual plates, either one works. If looking for reusable items, I found the lightsaber silverware on ThinkGeek for $4.99 a 3 piece set and the Darth Vader plate at Target. ThinkGeek also has Star Wars dinnerware sets for $9.99 that include lightsaber silverware, a plate, and a place mat (as shown above).

Star Wars Themed Treats

Colored rice krispie treats cut out with Star Wars cookie cutters, freeze pop lightsaber, Star Wars fruit snacks, and Star Wars snack crackers are just a few of the simple themed treats out there. I love looking at the amazing cupcakes and other assorted treats that show up in my social media feed, but most days I don’t have time to even think about making something like that. So I’m glad that simple, quick, easy treats like this make my kids smile.

Star Wars Themed Lunch for School

Repeat after me – “Character cookie cutters are our friends.” Quickest way to theme out a lunch is a sandwich cut out with cookie cutters. If none are available, simple additions like the Star Wars fruit snacks mentioned above or one of these super fun Star Wars character juice bottles are sure to brighten any kids’ lunch.

Star Wars Themed Meals

Last year, I went all out making Star Wars themed meals for my family. My kids are still asking for another Death Star pizza. It was so much fun to see how excited they got over what I made, though this year May 4th is jam packed. I won’t have time to create anything that take more than a few minutes. So I’m going to fall back on my friends the cookie cutters and cut out their pancakes in the morning. Also decorating gel is also one of my go-to’s when trying to create something fun with little time. Simple tricks like cookie cutters and decorating gel are quick ways to take meal time from everyday to extra special. If you are looking for fun meal ideas, check out Red 5 Mom or May the Fourth Be With You Party Blog for fun ideas

Get Crafty with Themed Projects

We love getting crafty at our house. The Star Wars headbands were one of our favorites; along with the character origami bookmarks and Chewbacca handprint. The Rise of the Geeklings Star Wars Craft board is full of projects ranging from simple to a bit more complex. There are enough project ideas to keep geeklings busy the entire month. If you are looking for even more ideas, check out May the Fourth Be With You Party Blog. They regularly post new projects.

Make an Upcycled Star Wars Hair Bow.

Followed the instructions from Doodlecraft Blog and used empty Star Wars fruit snack bags.

They are fairly simple and quick to make. Takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.


Star Wars Movie Marathon

Watch the Original Movie Trilogy – Episodes 4 through 6 OR go BIG and have a Movie Marathon with Episodes 1- 8 with Rogue One tossed in before Episode 4.


Star Wars Clone Wars Series AND/OR Star Wars Rebels Series Marathon

Cartoons aren’t just for kids any more. Clone Wars and Rebels are just as fantastic for adults as they are for kids. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the local library for a copy or Netflix and Amazon.


Star Wars Board Game Night

So many great options like Star Wars Clue, Star Wars Trivia, Star Wars Pictopia, Star Wars X-Wing, and many more.


Storytime with Star Wars Friends

Make storytime a little more special this month by encouraging your geekling to grab their favorite stuffed Star Wars friend if they have one. It is a quick, simple way to add a bit of Star Wars to everyday activities.

Star Wars Dress-up & Snack Time Fun

Most people associate tea parties with princesses, but what if you switched it up and dressed up as Star Wars characters and had snack time at the cantina. Dress-up can range from a character hoodie to a dress-up mask to a full costume leftover from Halloween. The snacks can be themed or just your geekling’s favorite treat shared with their Star Wars buddies.

Lightsaber Battle

Challenge your geeklings to a lightsaber battle. They can use lightsaber toys or wrapping paper or paper towel tubes they have decorated. Either way can lead to a fun time.

Star Wars Nerf Battle

Take out the bad guys (or the good guys) with this simple activity. If you have Nerf guns in your house, have your geeklings grab them as you print off pictures of different Star Wars characters and place them around the house. Once everything is set, let them loose. It really is a fun time.


Build a Star Wars LEGO Set

In the past few weeks, several amazing new LEGO sets have been released. Picking up a new set or rebuilding one you already on is another great way to have some Star Wars fun this month.

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