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DIY Voltron Lion Shirts


My son is a huge Voltron fan. He has watched every variation of Voltron and loves to act out battles with his Voltron toy. So when he said he wanted to have a Voltron birthday party, I was not surprised. What I was surprised by was the lack of Voltron merchandise other than a few toys and a comic book. Party supplies – nope. Boys clothing – not much. It quickly became apparent that this party was going to have to be a DIY one.

A bit more work than I intended, but I was up for the challenge. I first created an invite out of Voltron images from Google and then moved on to ways to incorporate the theme into the party. When planning my kids’ parties, I like to include things that the guests can either create themselves or that I created for them that they can use at the party and then take home as their “goodie” item. Since the kids were going to play laser tag, I decided themed shirts would be perfect. I could easily tell who was in my group and they could all pretend to be different paladins. I was really proud of my idea until I remembered that I’m not an artist; so how was I going to pull this off.

After several Voltron Google searches, I stumbled upon a series of pumpkin carving stencils. I wanted to hug my computer when I found them. Finally something that I could do that would still look cool. I was so excited. What was even better was that each lion head was stylistically different. Since our guest list was small, each guest would have a unique shirt all their own. After printing out the stencils, I headed to the craft store to gather what I needed.


Once I had everything (found the shirts for $2.98 in the boy’s section of Wal-mart), I got to work. Each shirt took approximately 45 minutes from start to finish, which includes cutting out the pattern and touchups. The key to the shirt turning out nicely is the quality of the fabric marker or fabric paint pen used. The black fabric marker I used was easy to use and created clean lines. Unfortunately, I only had fabric paint pens for the other colors. The paint didn’t flow consistently which meant lots of touchups to create clean lines. In the future, I plan to use just fabric markers if I can.

After creating six shirts from the pumpkin carving stencils, my husband and daughter created their own stencils to create one shirt with Voltron’s sword and another with Allura. The whole family loved the completed shirts and hoped the party guests would to. As guests arrived the day of, I handed them a shirt to change into. They were so excited with them and loved showing each other their shirts.

In the end, these Voltron shirts may be one of the coolest party favors yet at one of my kids’ parties. Also, they weren’t expensive to create and the kids can reuse them. I heard from one parent that her child wanted to wear it the next day even though it was in the laundry. It feels great knowing that they were enjoyed by my son’s guests. This DIY Voltron shirt isn’t just for parties, it is also perfect for a fan looking for a unique shirt. Below are links to the Voltron pumpkin stencils and a list of the supplies I used to create the shirts. Happy crafting!

Simple DIY Voltron Shirts 

  1. Place cut out stencil on desired spot on the shirt. I just held the stencil in place, but it can be pinned to the shirt with straight pins.
  2. Place piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the paint from leaking through to the back of the shirt.
  3. Begin by tracing the outside of the stencil with the fabric marker or fabric paint pen.
  4. After the outline is done, complete the inner lines.
  5. Let dry for a few minutes. Then remove the stencil and touch up any lines that need to be darker or cleaned up.
  6. Once final touchups are finished, let the shirt dry for 24 hours before wearing.


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