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5 New Things for Geeklings Released in June

Somehow June flew by, and now I sit here in July wondering where the month went. Thinking back over the month, a few movies stick out as noteworthy for geeklings. Some were released in theaters and others on DVD. A few if you haven’t seen them you should, and a few that maybe you want to hold off on.  Below is a mix of five movies, DVDs, and movie trailers that stood out in June.


The Wonder Woman movie is fantastic! It is a must see. There are parts that are a bit intense for younger geeklings. My 7 year old was affected by some parts, but then I have friends who’s 5 year old geeklings loved it. Really depends on the child. Though I think 8 and up would enjoy it. Seriously, so many others have said how amazing this movie is, and they are right. The story is well-told and acted. It just isn’t a good superhero movie, it is a good movie.

Transformers The Last Knight

In regards to our favorite transforming robots, it is better to wait until Transformers: The Last Knight movie comes out on DVD and rent it. After seeing it, the family was disappointed. We love Transformers and had high hopes for it after seeing a recent preview where a young, tech-gifted, kick-butt girl was the focus. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t live up to the trailer.

lego_batman movie

Next, The Lego Batman is out on DVD! Gotham’s heroes and villains at their sassiest. Worth picking it up and adding it to the family movie collection.

Power Rangers movie poster

Power Rangers is also out on DVD, but maybe more of a rental instead of a must own kind of movie. We saw it when it was in theaters because the geeklings have watched pretty much every version of Power Rangers on Netflix and really wanted to see it. Overall, it was entertaining, but not sure it was so entertaining that we want to own it to watch it over and over again. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest renting it before buying it.

Black Panther movie header

Finally, the Black Panther movie trailer was released this month and it looks awesome! Excited for it to hit theaters in February.

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