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Easy to Find STEM-themed Shirts for Girls

I’m one of those moms that loves trips to Target. The nearest location to me is a little over 20 minutes away; so I’m not a regular at the store and when I do go it is a special trip. Over the past few months, I’ve seen articles and internet posts about Target not providing empowering clothing for girls, and it was a bit disheartening to hear this about a store that I enjoy shopping at. So when I happened across an article yesterday about a new science-themed shirt at Target that had people excited, I had to check it out. The light pink shirt encourages girls with a message to “Stay Curious” and sports facts about Marie Curie on the back. It is a great shirt for young science geeklings.

As I looked through more of the shirts on, I came across eight other STEM-themed shirts for girls. Chemistry and astronomy are the two main focuses of a majority of the shirts. What a perfect collection of shirts for budding STEM geeklings!

Below are the 9 STEM-themed shirts currently available on With kids headed back to school soon, what better time to pick a few new tees.

Marie Curie

Solar System shirt

Target STEM shirt 2

Phases of the Moon shirt

Target STEM shirt 3

Rocket Ship shirt

Target STEM shirt 4

Zebra Scientist shirt

Target STEM shirt 5

Future Chemist shirt

Target STEM shirt 6

Inspire Create Make Shirt

Target STEM shirt 7

Starry NASA tank top

Target STEM shirt 8

NASA shirt

Target STEM shirt 9

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