DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Containers

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits store shelves next week! As our family loves the GOTG series, I know what I’ll be picking up on the 22nd.

GOTG Vol2 poster

With Guardians on my mind, I began thinking of fun ways to get ready for a GOTG movie marathon. Snacks are always one of the first things I think of; so a themed snack would be fun, but then I remembered a scene with little Groot eating a treat. It gave me the idea to make a Groot snack container.

Baby Groot Eating a Snack 2

Well my idea to create a treat container changed as I began designing it. I originally planned on just painting a Groot face onto a container. Then I got a bit more creative and decided to use fabric for parts. Once I went down that road, my design seemed better suited as a planter. Also, as I was designing Groot, my geeklings suggested that I make Rocket Raccoon too. Since I love Rocket, I set to designing him as well.


I designed the project to be for geeklings 10 years old and up. Though with some adult assistance or minor adjustments, younger children could create their own versions of the planter. The Groot container took less than an hour from start to finish. Rocket took a bit longer because of the added drying time. Both projects can easily be modified to make each container unique and done in an afternoon. A “Win-Win” kind of project.

Happy Crafting, geeks and geeklings!


DIY Groot Container

2017-05-03 14.32.35


  • Terra Cotta Pot
  • Burlap
  • Black Felt
  • Floral Moss
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • White Paint (optional)
  • Small Paint Brush (optional)


Begin by wrapping the burlap around the pot to determine how much is needed to cover the pot and then cut the needed amount.

Next, place a line of hot glue along the bottom of the pot and place it in the center of the burlap.

Once the bottom of the pot is secured to the burlap, it is time to wrap the burlap around the pot. Lift sections of the burlap up a bit at time and hot glue it along the top outer edge of the pot until the entire outside is covered in burlap.


While the glue is hardening, cut out 2 small circles and a smile from the black felt.

When the burlap is firmly attached, cut triangular sections into the burlap piece sticking out the top to give it a branch look.


Now choose which side is to be the face and attach the eyes and smile with hot glue. As these parts cool, begin gluing bits of floral moss to the top of a few of the burlap triangles sticking out at the top.

Finally, the eyes can be left just plain black circles or white paint can be used to add more detail to the eyes.

Also, since the bottom is covered with burlap, if your pot has a hole at the bottom, you may want to cut away the burlap covering the hole and use a drainage dish, or use a plastic planter insert. Though they also sell terra cotta pots without holes, as my pot didn’t have one.


DIY Rocket Raccoon Container



  • Terra Cotta Pot
  • Gray Felt
  • White Craft Fur
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • White Paint
  • Light Gray Paint
  • Dark Gray or Black Paint
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Black Paint Pen
  • Sponge Brush
  • Modge Podge
  • Pencil

Begin by painting the entire outside and inside of the pot light gray. If you plan to use a drainage tray, paint it at this point as well. Apply at least 2 coats.


Once the pot is dry, sketch Rocket Raccoon’s face with a pencil. I encourage practicing drawing his face on paper to get the desired look before sketching on the pot. I made my Rocket friendly looking, but one of the fun parts of this project is that it can easily be tweaked.

Next, use the small paint brush to apply the paint to each area. I used:

  • white for the section around his nose
  • dark gray for the section around his eyes (though black could be used)
  • a black paint pen for his nose, mouth, and eyes

Now I chose to add a bit more detail to the eyes. Just another opportunity to personalize the design.


When the paint is completely dry, apply a layer of Modge Podge to the entire pot and the drainage dish if you added one.

While the pieces dry, the fur trim and ears can be cut out. Cut thin strips of white craft fur to be placed along the top of the dark gray section of his face and ears. Also cut small triangles from the light gray felt. Use hot glue to attach fur along the top edges of the ears.

Once the pieces are no longer tacky to the touch, the accessories pieces can be added. Hot glue a thin white fur strip over the top of each eye. Trim off any that may be hanging over the edge. Next hot glue the ears to the ridge of the pot, not directly over the eyes but a little off-set.


When the glue is set, he is ready for use!



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